Who's Your Favorite Author And Why?



I’m back with another thread because I was boredobviously
So tell me guys who are your favorite authors and why do you enjoy reading their stories?
I personally don’t have one but I think if it is about the number of stories I’ve read from someone then it would probably be Effie Ameer :purple_heart:


Bukii Di for sure love her stories and she is so down to earth a so funny. I like how she replys to almist everyone and ignores the hate. And her story chapters are always long and full of laughing moments :joy:


Name of her stories so I can check it out :grin:


My Psycho
Living With The Vampire Brothers

I love them so much


Everything Kay Elle writes is a masterpiece.


I don’t think I know her, what are her stories ?


She has quite a few but my favorites are Spotlight: Sherlock in Love, Black Absinthe, and Dream Escape.


Anelisse Idk how to spell lol Allen’s NON-Featured Stories. I like her because she is just an awesome author, and like idk how to describe her lol she is so good… her popular ones are probable Becoming His Pet and Kill My Love.


Stories by the lovely Alexandria (Famous New Girl, River, Infamous Topdogs, WANTED, The Hunter, The Angel House, The Neighbor, Eternally Yours, Beauty and The Beast) are my absolute fav. In my opinion, she’s the best author on the app and her fanmail changed my life-no joke, I was gonna quite writing on Episode but her sweet words encouraged me not to (and yes, I know, a person should never quit because they feel like their stories are going nowhere and doesn’t want to write anymore). I’m not giving up, heck even if I have under 10 k reads, I’ll keep on writing. I love Episode, for giving me awesome stories to read, for letting me make new best friends for life. Alexandria-I met her through Episode and she literally means the whole world to me. She’s the best sister, author, friend anyone can have and I’m so lucky to have met her. Thank you Episode and thank you for making this thread, you awesome person. :sunglasses:


I love her too especially My Episode Lover and Kill my love such amazing plots and writing :heart::heart:


Thank you, your so sweet :blush:
What’s your story’s name ? I’d love to check it out :heart:


Thyla. Or @therealthyla on Instgram. (I believe that’s her username?) I love what I learned through her stories and can’t wait for her to continue Monster Rebellion if she would- sequel to Elemental Wars. Her last update was around March, I believe, but I doubt she’ll be active anytime soon if not ever… Thyla is the reason I decided to come back to Episode. I was at work, deep in thought, and felt like reading Elemental Wars again. …Now I’m here.

I also like Gen, author of Dripping Mascara and Wasted Roses. Although, I think that since Episode is more of a visual storytelling platform, that the use of so much narration should not be involved. But, I think in the case of Dripping Mascara, it enhances the story. Also, Episode seems to be very limited with what we can show, and Gen needed some way to express that, I guess. I’ll explain why I love her so much. It is the exact flaw I was talking about- narration. The way she narrates really captures me into the story. I’ve been reading around on Episode seeing different narration types to study before writing my story, and I can’t help but be impressed by how well she narrates!


Bless you.