Who's Your Favorite DC Superhero?



Does no one like Aquaman or Superman? Or Batgirl? Wow.


I love all of DC super heroes. So, I guess the ones who voted, must be their favorite hero.


c’mon. DC sucks balls :roll_eyes:


DC kills Marvel any day imo. But Image slaughters both. :metal:


U DID NOT JUST SAY IT X_X C’mon, where u living, in a cave for a past 20 years, huh?


Nope. Just prefer more adult oriented content in my comics and graphic novels. Here is the thing, the Marvel comics were created clearly with adults in mind and always seem to include a decent amount of adult content in their IP’s. But the movies bruh…the Marvel cinematic universe bruh…it’s some of the most washed out child friendly dribble I have ever seen. Kudos to DC for at least sticking to their gun’s with their films.


I won’t say anything about comics, cause it’s not my range of knowledge. But movies. I actually saw Batman Vs. Superman. U can’t heal my heart after that one.


Oh no doubt. But when Batman Begins / The Dark Knight was originally released in theaters it was all the rage! :bat::bat:


Well, can’t argue. Hit is the reason I won’t ever find a mate for meh. But everything that happened after that. And the cast that Marvel pulled off. C’mon Jeremy ^^


I am not influenced by celebs…so don’t understand the hype. Heading out now but will continue this tomorrow in a diff thread or PM if you want :smiley:


gotcha on this promise.

Anyway. I was fanning for DC. Especially after SS announcement thing. I went to the cinema, that I don’t usually do. But I was so damn disappointed with the Suicide Squad. Total failure.

I’m not the one who gets stuck on the label like DC or Marvel.

My favorite comic based thing is actually Jessica Jones for the past 3 years ^^ And it is still…


DC totally rules. I admit Batman v Superman stunk, but Wonder Woman directed by Patty Jenkins was totally amazing. You do have to admit that. And sure, most of DC’s movies aren’t great compared to Marvel, but their comic books are on fleek.


Yesssssss! I know I voted for Flash, but that’s only because I couldn’t decide between the two and had siri pick for me instead.


I love all the DC

My favorite forever has been Aquaman because he’s most relatable to me X’DD

Unpopular opinion: Kaldur’Am makes a better Aqualad than Garth ^^


I love Wonder Woman, but Black Canary is so cool and underrated


Tbh I’m a DC fan because I’ve grown up on it, so when I started reading the comics I got into them very easily!

Yes girls read comics too :relieved:


I love them both a lot, but I fully agree with you. Kaldur is lowkey one of my comic book crushes :joy: I know that sounds weird


Dude, no. Kaldur is gorgeous, too. I get it completely. X’DDD


What do you think of the live action Dick Grayson in the show Titans? Just curious :sweat_smile:


Yes, Wonder Woman is in the lead :heart_eyes_cat:
She’s the best! :heart:

Gives a virtual fist bump to all the people who voted for her :facepunch: