Who's Your Favorite DC Superhero?



I don’t watch any live action superhero shows anymore. For reasons… :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


What reasons?! :thinking:


I love Wonder Woman!


Nightwing! :triumph:


YES! We’re part of the unofficial Wonder Woman Squad :sunglasses:

You, Me, @Annieways , @CinnamonToast and everyone else who voted for her :smile: :heart:


Yessss, I love Black Canary! She’s been on my top list along with White Canary. I love both of them!


Wonder Girls?


As a Wonder Woman fan, I love her too!


I love them all, but I just gotta pick Batman :upside_down_face: :black_heart:


Batman, when it comes to series. I used to have a huge crush on Terry from Batman Beyond as a kid ok so I might still do

But if I had to be specific about superheroes, Catwoman may be my favorite at the moment, and Red Hood.


I have a…wide collection of comics. Well it’s not a whole lot, just like…maybe 140 books/volumes?

DON’T JUDGE ME. (I didn’t take a pic of the third shelf)




I have no words.


I would DIE for this. The ONLY comics I have are two Nightwing comics from after new 52? I’m a little dusty on my universes rn :joy: