Who's your favorite Disney character and why?

I just came from watching Frozen 2, and I remembered why I like Elsa so much. She is literally one of the strongest Disney characters. This made me think, ‘What are other people’s favorite characters?’ So drop your favorite Disney character and why you like them so much!


Hands down Eugene aka Flynn rider.

Why -

  1. He is funny
  2. He isn’t like the other LIs
  3. And cuz tangled is my fav movie

he is also kinda cute but u didn’t hear it from me!


My favorite are Elsa , Anna and belle
I love frozen a lot and I like belle cause she’s compassionate , strong also cause beauty and the beast is my favorite movie

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Mary Poppins. and Lilo

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Lilo from Lilo and Stitch? :smile:

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Ohhhh Flynn is like, one of my favorite Disney guys! He’s so charismatic and sly, and I totally get what you’re talking about, when you say he’s cute :rofl: :rofl:

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My favourite is Tiana from the princess and the frog. She’s so strong, hardworking and dynamic!


Mickey Mouses dog cause I love animals.

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Ikr! And she was so determined to open her own restaurant in the old days when women were still quite looked down upon :star_struck:

Yeah, Pluto was the best :rofl:


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Yah I love him he’s just so cute.

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Yeah. One of my favorites was also Goofy, especially his dance in Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

not at all to step on Tiana, because she is evrything you said, and is a great roll model for kids.

but I really love Charlotte. she is rich and spoiled, and still a nice person, she didnt have a problem with Tiana been poor, or black for that matter, like I know Disney are not gonna put race into it, but on a realistick note this story take place when segragation was a thing. and she also wanted marry a black man.

and when she found out Tiana and Navin loved each other, she wasent angry over Tiana taken her prince, she supported true love and her friend.


Yess youre definetly right, Charlotte is awesome too! :heart_eyes:


Yeah, Charlotte was one of the best characters in the entire movie!

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I bet ya if Tiana had been white Charlotte had been a mean girl trying to ruin evrythingI am pretty sure they made Charlotte to also get the little white girls, to see the movie, or more the parents

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Yeah, that makes sense. And also so they wouldn’t be accused of racism later on, maybe.

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But who do you think is better between Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella?