Who's your favourite Episode character and why?


Who’s your favourite character and why. :thinking:


Liz from Speak
She has so much courage and inner strength that she is an inspiration.


great choice!


Liane from Adrenaline

She is strong and brave to go through the rebellion.


Bella from Dirty Sexy Teenagers because she’s such a brat and that’s entertaining


Tyler Arlington from “Happenstance”. He’s the cutest character ever and is so small and heartbroken and I just love him so much :sob::sob:. He deserves the world!




What’s that story about, is it good?


Althea from Death’s Game (Death’s Game: A New Era), because she is thrust into a new and unfamiliar world, yet she tries her best to succeed and support those around her.


Probably Lily from Bad Boy Roommate.

I say this because she has went through so much yet is now so brave and was even able to pick between two guys and is now in love with one of them and dating him… BTW I chose Shane!!!


It’s amazing! One of my top 3! The MC broke up with her boyfriend (Tyler :hearts:) for unknown reasons and haven’t seen him again for 8 years. Now she’s dating another guy named Ares when suddenly Tyler pops back into her life, still clueless about why she broke his heart. It’s so touching and beautifully written & directed! The character development is crazy good! I recommend it with all my heart


I will read it for sure!


She’s one of mine too!!


Loveeee Bad Boy Roommate, its Lily or Liane (Adrenaline) for me.

Such a strong character!! Ps… I chose Shane too! :smile:


OMG SAMEE!! BBR and Adrenaline are my two FAVORITE episode stories!!!


So good aren’t they!!

I just started a story today called ‘Under His Skin’ Elle is another awesome character!! :heart_eyes:


The MC from ‘The Ruby Tiara’ by @wincyyellow She’s so amazing! I wish she was real. :unamused:


King Cletus from The Ruby Tiara. Hands down lmao :stuck_out_tongue:


Same here. I love that story so much, and her character is amazing.


Ooh! I’ll have to make sure to check that out!!!