Whose Background is This? May I Use it?


So I found this background on google and it said it was for episode and it was linked to the forums I believe, but I just want to certain I can use this and it isn’t copyrighted or anything like that, I also want to know whose it is so I can give credit to the owner.


I haven’t edited this image, this is its original form lol.


@JemU776? You’re amazing at finding things. :grin:


oh is it hers? btw i looked up “car background episode” if that helps… lol


So that background appears on this thread:

As well as this one:



Oh okay, tysm. I’m guessing I should give credit to smg.epsiode.


Her IG is now @ shellyg.episode : )

Also, yeah the first post I linked says this about the car background:

@smg.episode is now @shellyg.episode


Okay tysm!! :slight_smile: