Why am I getting this error in my choice?

For some reason I keep getting this error message! Can someone help me?

because of the transistion? maybe you can’t add it there or just put before it a NARR alright! in it

I know that the choice want a dialog before you can do anything else

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Thank you, I’ll try it!

You need to delete the line between choice and “Show me the Art Scene!”{. And fix your transition by using fade instead of face, and add in the # of seconds the transition will last. So like this…

“Show me the Art Scene!”{

@transition fade in black in #

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Hello, I have an error in my story called error67 and it won’t let me preview anything. Please help me

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If you haven’t been helped yet, you can PM me :smile:

Actually I already figured it out, but thanks! :smiley:


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