Why am I getting this?

I rechecked the spelling of the overlay and checked if it exist and all is fine but it keeps saying it don’t exist or the spelling of the overlay is wrong.

The message

My script

I’m also getting a message saying “Zone number can only be specified once.”

Please help!!

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I found the issue :sweat_smile: I forgot to add AND.

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I was gonna reply ahah! :joy: Glad you figured it out! :blush:


Thank you tho! I was almost giving up until I carefully read my script.

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Yeah, I understand the struggle ahah! :sweat_smile:

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that’s why I avoid using such long lines of code - finding a typo is then nightmare :joy:

And a note when you write overlay next to BG you can directly there ass the shift and scale

like this:

INT. CLASSROOM FRONT - DAY with CRUMPAPCRAYON to 2.711 65 -87 in zone 2 at layer 20 with …

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