Why am I not getting gems when I finish an episode

It used to be that whenever I finish an episode I would get a gem but that is no longer happening for some reason.

None of the story’s have that underneath them. And I used to be able to earn gems on every story.

Well it used to be every story I read I would earn a gem

Its probably an update, or if you replayed the story.

Not all featured stories can get you gems, even when they have gem choices in them.

(You clearly mean the featured stories because user stories never had that feature and probably never will)
If you’re reading stories from the community, you don’t need gems too much and you can’t get free gems from them anyway. (gem choices are now open in the portal but most stories still don’t have gems, a) because it’s really new b) because most people hate them)

Moved to Episode Fan Community as this is an Episode-specific post :v:t2:

Why can’t I earn gems nor see stories that can help me earn gems?

There used to be a lot more stories you could earn gems I think? Is that correct?