Why am I terrible at artt oof

Nobody is reading my forumss lmao but really I need help

I see you guys with your amazinggg art skills and I dont know why I try :joy:

I need help with basically all the facial features even i’m outline it looks so bad, someone seriously give me tips. Also can someone tell me how you highlight or like shine on lips,hair, etc etc? Tyy if you gimme some tips that I need badly.


What has helped me is looking at tutorials on youtube on using Ibis. Entering in almost every outline contest. Also, watching Malukah’s thread she gives good tips on how to improve. -Malukah's Tutorials Thread!-
Also time and patience, And practice, practice, and practice. :blush:

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If you have Instagram you could check @tutorialsepisode she has good tips and tutorials.

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