Why are all Mc’s messed up

Okay, so I’ve been on episode for almost 4 years and these past 2 years I’ve witnessed drastic changes in episode some good and some bad. But the changes that really caught my eye are the communities most popular stories yes the popular stories are cliche but that’s not the problem the problem is the goddamn Mc: they are never well written to be honest this isn’t to all the stories its to some they never have a backbone which is normal but when everyone is dragging you down you gotta learn a thing or two and there is no character development the Mc is always pulling guys around so when stories have 2-4 LI’s it’s annoying this ain’t no bachelorette and somehow the Mc is always making the Best friend look like the sane one even when the bestie is supposed to be “quirky and crazy” she still has more brains then the Mc.

That’s my opinion don’t come @ me please thanks xx


I agree, MC’s gotta have some development too


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True. I wish the MC and best friend were just more realistic over all. There’s no issue with trying to make a crazy, quirky, person, as long as it’s realistic, within a reasonable amount for their personality (and it’s just a personality trait, not their ENTIRE EXISTENCE), and not overdone.
Character development is super, super important for all stories. There need to be round and flat characters.

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Episode is just like if those “how god created my ****” in tik tok were real :clown_face:

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haha yeah, quirky best friends are way too overused.


Fr fr why do they have to be the “I only stick around if my best friend needs me cuz I’ve got no life” typa gal


Same. Like they never stand up for themselves. Why don’t they put choices; snap back or stay silent. Let us choose if we want our MC to be shy or stand up for themselves. That’s what I do for my stories. And the best friend always has a bigger and cooler personality. It would be cool if they added for example 4 type of personalities and do it with points system based on how we choose to respond. And then at the end of the story the reader has built their own personality.

The worst thing is that there are stories like that, with different personalities you could choose from etc. I used to read them a few years ago. But they never got popular and it’s sad because they deserved it so much more than those cliché stories.

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Honestly it doesn’t only need that but the characters need to be developed like The author shouldn’t be like “oh lets put a choice where the mc can only do this” or when the mc only cares about two things her damn LI and the “mean girl.” MC never have a life :weary:

“Oh, I’m so confused. Why is this all happening to me. I love John, but I love Jason too. But how? Yesterday I kissed James and today I slept with Jake. God, I’m freaking dating with Jayden! I’m so sad because I kind of feel I actually like Jacob.”



“Omg kyle also proposed!”

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