Why are all the skirts SO high?!

So I’m writing a story about royals and I’m trying to find knee high skirts.
There isn’t a general problem with this but the girls have giant long legs and short skirts. PLEASE ADD SOME MORE SKIRTS! I love the designs but some of them are just inappropriate for the (slightly sexist at first) atmosphere I need to create.


I completely agree!! I’ve wanted to make people in my story wear outfits that aren’t provocative and include a skirt because that’s just the characters style, however, it’s basically impossible to do that because almost all the skirts are super short! The longer skirts are either ugly or have no variety (as in there’s no other colour options). Seriously! We just want some more modest skirts!!


3/4 of the Episode female bottoms are miniskirts and shorts. We only have about from 10 to 14 long skirts and that’s counting recolors :confused:

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I totally agree
when I want an office outfit for ex: a blazer and skirt.
They are too short and seems unrealistic to wear in an office.
Then I have to choose a pant :triumph:

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Agree. We need more long skirts.

I did not expect so many people to agree :smiley: hopefully a moderator will see this!

Even better, an Admin saw this :smiley:

Unfortunately, discussion threads like this don’t help much with getting requested items added to Episode. That is what our Feature Request sub forum is for. Feel free to review the feature request guidelines and create a thread with your request :slight_smile: Hope this helps!

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Thanks so much!

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