Why are braces and glasses considered ugly?

The title says it all. It’s a common trope in all stories or tv shows about middle and high school, that the student with the glasses, braces, or both, were considered ugly.

I wear glasses and had to wear braces in middle school. I didn’t want to wear my glasses while I had my braces cause I thought I would get made fun of, but I started wearing them cause I couldn’t see, and no one cared.


I have no idea, honestly. I guess those people who had a thought like that were embarrassed that they used to wear braces and glasses as a kid, and they thought it looked ugly on them. In my opinion, braces and glasses can look good on anybody—and if you happen to have an issue with your eyes or teeth, it is what it is. You can’t change that with a makeover.

At first I thought the braces were a trend because I saw many “cool” kids in my elementary school wear them. :sweat_smile: But I guess they all had issues with straightening their teeth naturally.


Same, because I would always see yt videos on how to make fake braces, :sob:


I actually like people with glasses and braces… :blush: It looks cute… I wear glasses at home and my contact lenses outside and had braces at middle school, too. So, I don’t know where that idea comes from that students with glasses and/or braces are ugly. By the way there are a lot of beautiful people, too, with glasses and or braces. :wink:


I have glasses and will soon get braces lol. From my pov having braces or glasses is cool!! It’s not ugly! I don’t know why people make fun of It!! The one who makes fun of it should get glasses and braces so they know the struggles. God let this wish come true lol.


Please, this one is so common :eye::lips::eye: Lol no, I had braces at middle school and had to wear glasses at the same time and yeah, I was made fun of :woman_facepalming:t2::woman_facepalming:t2: Braces and glasses are pretty, I really don’t understand what is the problem!? Also please I looked so cute :pleading_face: One thing I have learned-" Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder." Thank you :blush::heart:


I loved the thought about having braces. I always thought they were so cute :sob: :sob: :sob:


Idk, in fact it’s weird that they’re used on Episode as a ‘pre-makeover’ look. Ew.

I wore braces for 4 years and looked cool af. My bf has glasses and he looks adorable. So I really don’t see how they’re ugly stuff lol :sweat_smile:


It’s really stupid to even call it “ugly”. Tbh, I don’t find it ugly at all. It’s a part of anyone’s life to use it for a reason. I use my glasses but i still can’t find them, which sucks. As for braces, I’ve never had any. I find them cute, and adorable. People really love to judge, don’t they?


It’s really sad that so many people use glasses and braces to show someone who is “ugly”. What is so ugly about trying to see and wanting your teeth to get fixed??? I have no idea. I’ve had glasses all my life and really I’ve never had anyone call my glasses ugly or judge them. People actually think they’re cute, same with my braces. I actually really like the way I look with glasses and braces, and I have no clue why it’s seen as “ugly” when it’s literally a necessity for some people.

It’s honestly really harmful to the many people who need to have braces/glasses due to things they can’t control. It’s kind of harmful to me too because I love my glasses/braces and don’t know why it’s always the “ugly” in makeover stories. Honestly I think all makeover stories use harmful tropes.


Am I the only one who actually likes having braces?:new_moon_with_face::joy:
I mean I look cute with them on :woman_shrugging:t2::joy:


I used to hate wearing glasses probably for this reason but now as I am older I have grown to love them. Glasses have even been a trend over the years so it doesn’t make sense but its a trope none the less.

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I think because Hollywood attaches glasses and braces to the nerd trope.

I dont get why trying to see makes you unattractive, is poor vision the new cool or something?


I have glasses and (used) to have braces but i consider myself pretty attractive lol. I never understood why they were perceived as “ugly” traits.

But at the same time, part of me thinks that people dont actually think theyre ugly in Episode stories for pre-makeup looks. For example, i read a lot of books and in a lot of them the female protagonist is almost always insecure about her “pale-skin” and curvaceous body. It’s a way to show that the protagonist has insecurities or “flaws” without giving them insecurities or flaws that are truly perceived as ugly. Idk tho lol :woman_shrugging: im just trying to make sense of it


Right? :sob: I like how i look with glasses. If anything, i’m insecure with how i look without them


Same- I HATE how I look without them :sob:


Uh idk ab braces, but I wear glasses and no one in school has ever even mentioned them so the fact that stories use them to potray ugly characters- doesn’t make sense to me- not at all


One word: Hollywood. :unamused:

I’ve been wearing glasses for 10 years, and I’ve never once found myself ugly because of my glasses. Without my glasses, I see everything blurred, and it would affect me in daily life if I don’t wear glasses (I don’t like to insert contact lenses). I couldn’t even drive a car without my glasses. Glasses are life saviours!

I can’t say anything about braces because I’ve never needed them.
Just remember one thing: You will have beautiful teeth later, while some have crooked teeth just because they don’t want to look “ugly” with braces.


lol I think both are cute as fuck


Kid glasses are usually pretty horrific because kids are kids and parents don’t want to see pretty designer frames get destroyed on the playground. I looked like Andy Samberg during his Lonely Island days with my glasses when I was younger. Now I have cute ones that actually flatter my face and make my eyes look bigger.

Braces on the other hand can be weird. They were my personal hell when I was younger for a lot of reasons, and a vast majority of the kids at my school with braces had trouble with dental care in general and thus didn’t really brush or take care of their teeth. I knew a lot of kids who did Invisalign and other less obvious teeth straightening because it was easier to brush with retainers than wires.

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