Why are fathers so overprotective of their daughters?


I’ve noticed in stories on episode or in real life that fathers are so overprotective of their daughters when it comes to guys or sensitive topics but when it comes to sons they couldn’t care less. So my question is why?!?


I guess it’s because there’s a stereotype that “women can’t protect themselves”


My step father is over protective because I count as his only daughter and I am really special to him. I think that father’s are hard on their daughters because they don’t want them to get hurt (raped, abused, etc) My step father is Protective over me because Of the boys in my school so if something happens to me there will be a problem lol.


Don’t get me wrong I think it’s nice that fathers care for their daughter. I have a friend who isnt allowed to leave the house and she’s 16 but her YOUNGER brother is allowed to leave the house with out asking. Like???


Lol cough!
I got in trouble a bit for that but my step dad was cool about me going to my “Boy bestie” house.


Maybe its because our dads know how men can be sometimes, they just want to protect us


It’s a pretty stereotypical thing. Some people think it’s ‘cute’ when a father favors his own daughter and become unhealthily overprotective because they believe that girls “can’t take care of themselves” (and because of the influence by movies/books) which in my opinion it’s bogus lmao


As I said again I think it’s good to look out for your daughter but if your restricting 99% of her life then that’s just sad I guess lol.


My dad isn’t overprotective so to speak but he can panic a lot about me and my wellbeing as he is scared I will be in harm’s way. With guys, my dad is not a fan of males lmao but I still hang out with guys and stuff. My dad trusts me but he does not trust some dudes lmaoo


My parents are really overprotective because I’m an only child…


It’s better than having an overprotective brother :roll_eyes:


Ooh. That sounds really sucky…


It is but I know its out of love


But I can understand why fathers do that. I personally don’t like it and I kind of see it as some sort of distrust if that makes sense. My father was like that before but it stopped since I’m old enough to look after myself now. I just don’t like how a lot of parents stick to these kind of ideas where they have to be extremely over-protective to females in the family but let the guys be. Why not do this to both genders? or none


Well I don’t have a brother but I’m sure if I had one my dad would have been over protective of him too like he is with my boy cousins


Okay, so … I want just to say that I call my stepdad-DAD. I know who my dad is, I’ve met him a few times, but I don’t even call him dad. I know it sounds horrible,but he was never in my life, he never wanted to see me or even talk to me. To be honest, If you want the truth,it doesn’t bother me , because person who came into my life when I was 5 years old-he’s my Dad. He nurtured me, taught me, dressed me,fought for me when I couldn’t , held me,shouted at me, he was always there for me when I needed and he loved me like his own. After few years I got a brother, but he loved us both equally. And I’m proud to call him my dad. :bearded_person: :hearts:

My dad has never really been too protective, at least overtly. I know my dad always wanted what was best for me. Deep down he wanted to catch me before I fall, but instead he picked me up,brushed me off and allowed me to try again. He always wanted to keep me safe and protected ,but instead he allowed me to find my own way,even though his heart broke in silence each time I got hurt. I’m daddy’s girl for sure, but he’s never really interfered in any of my relationships or shown much anxiety over me having boyfriend. Rather than be over-protective, my dad spent a lot of my life teaching me how to protect myself.Basically, he taught me how to think for myself and stay out of dicey situations .
I just wanted to say, that I never saw my dad so mad until one day…We had a loooong conversation when I messed up and I can’t describe how furious I was, he just said “In the meantime you are going to hate me and think that I’m overreacting… But just keep in mind that I’m doing everything what’s best for you. If anything ever happened to you because I trusted the world around you too much-I’d never forgive myself”. I was mad with him and I didn’t understand what he had in mind before-but now I do.And yet, he always has faith in me.
There are not enough words I can say to describe just how important my dad is to me, and what a powerfull influence he continues to be. :hearts:
You might not get it now, but later you will understand why dads tend to be protective . They don’t want their daughter to be treated like a sex object rather than a person.
World is more dangerous for women than it is for men. That’s a fact. This is just the sad, awful truth.
About 1 of 5 women experience rape or attempted rape in their lifetime, and 1 of 20 faces other kinds of sexual violence.

Sorry for a long answer, but I just felt the need to write everything :right_anger_bubble:


My dad’s not really protective over me but he’d beat a man’s ass any day if I told him too


Lol same


my dad is very overprotective of me like yeah im not allowed to leave the damn house
like even its to go do a project with my partner like no i cant leave my house but like seriously why? like yeah girls can get abused and raped and stuff but i mean so can guys! like ok if girls have sex before we are like out of high school, we get yelled at and like grounded for life but if a guys has sex before high school ends, they go out and celebrate? wtf im confusion


My father was a bit of a player when he was younger. He grew up a lot and had me, but he’s afraid that young men are going to take advantage of me the same way he took advantage of other women. I keep telling him that I’m a big girl and I can handle myself, but…

He’s very aware of the fact that I’m an independent woman and tells me that he has a lot of respect for me and for where I’m headed in my life. However, he says he’s also aware of the fact that a lot of men think women are weak and use that as a reason to take advantage of them.

Also, I think it’s a little psychological. Children tend to be drawn to the parent of the opposite sex – if you’ve ever realised. Little girls are often daddy’s girls because a girl’s father is her first evidence of how she should be treated by the men in her life. She relies on her father as evidence of how men in the world should treat her. Straight women who have a good relationship with their father often have higher expectations and take less shit from boyfriends. That’s because as children, we can largely rely on ourselves to be a positive representation of our own gender. Not so much the opposite one.