Why are fathers so overprotective of their daughters?


Same girl…my (real dad) was a player to three women…but guess what.
My mom beat those bitches to the top!
I was the first born. She was his first girlfriend. Hahahah theses haters could hate.
But back again on topic.
(My real dad)
Told me when I was about 13 he told me “we you get older give me a grandson”
On a call. Because he lived in Honduras.
So My real dad isn’t really protective over me.
My stepdad is…Once he tried to be a Physical Education Coach at my High School…Because this boy was staring at me in a (Way that all the girls know…) I will never forget that moment though when he told me if I get in a fight and someone hits me, I hit them back and when I get home I go get Ice cream. So I like my Step Father better.


What a sticky situation


This is so true!
I believe fathers are overprotective of their daughters exactly because of this. They’ve been young and reckless once and they’ve seen what some guys are like and what they might do and now, they just don’t want their daughters to be victim of these guys’ actions.

Luckily, my dad has never been overprotective of me even though I’m his only daughter but I do know that he would do anything to protect me. He once told me that if I was ever to be sexually harassed or assaulted, he would kill whoever did it to me. Now, I hope he’d never do it but there’s no doubt he meant it - and I believe many fathers think the same.

So, they’re not overprotective to annoy us or to keep us from living our lives. They are protective because they’ve seen what people do - and they don’t want it to happen to their daughters. I honestly think that in any father’s eyes, we’ll always be their little girl. And they just can’t let anything happen to us.

Of course, it doesn’t allow them to be so unfair. I have a little brother who’s a few years younger than me and thought my dad has never said anything as overprotective to him as he has said to me, I know he cares just as much about his safety as mine. But he has always known that my brother could always bring himself out of dangerous situations whereas I (since I’m shy, hates confrontation and have been bad at standing up for myself for many years) probably wouldn’t be able to do the same which is exactly why he’s always been more protective of me than my brother - even though I’m the oldest.

ANYWAY! I think that a good talk with our fathers (if they’re being unreasonable) can change their way of acting and realize that they’re being too overprotective.

Lots of love to dads who just want to protect their family :heart:


The overprotective brother stories creep me out. IDK if you’re talking about irl, but the brothers in Episode stories just don’t sit right when they’re out there hoeing it up and they won’t let the girl leave the house


:joy::joy: I was mentioning my brother irl! Deadddd! That’s true, in real life a brother would actually go crazy like wtf!