Why are Gang Stories Okay?


Hi Guys! In order for everyone to state their opinion on the topic. I decided to revise the post.

There are tons and tons of stories on the episode platform that are gang related.

Do you find these stories to be enjoyable? Or are they not in your best interest?

From my opinion, I don’t really like them. Nor do I agree with the content that’s shown in them.
In real life, gangs are very dangerous.
I don’t see what’s so great about playing a story where you’re in a gang; Killing and murdering people. Or even dating a gang leader? That’s even worse.

Why do you think people find these stories entertaining?

Is it because they feel their not directly affected by it?

Or do people really just find this to be enjoyable?

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Thoughts about Mafia/Gang-Leader stories?

I literally have no idea why people have an obsession with dating gang leaders/mafia bosses and the fact that people thing this hot is just unusual. :sweat_smile:


It’s a famous concept in general.
And my family is from El Salvador, so I know how this could be a sensitive subject. But I also am familiar with the concept that most gangs come about due to the inadequacy of government.


Of course, I can’t know why every single person who reads these kinds of stories does, but I have read comments from people explaining why they read these kinds of stories. Most of them mention that they don’t want to experience it in real life but they find it entertaining to read about it. When it comes to the dating part, I think the bad boy complex can explain that. I think many girls have at some time in their life been attracted to a real or fictional boy who is clearly bad news. A lot of teenage films tell us that even though they don’t seem to care about anyone about themselves, smokes, drinks or sleeps around, he’s just a misunderstood person who is just waiting for the right girl. I think a lot of girls grows up thinking that love could change a person, even someone as corrupt and violent as a gang leader.
I don’t think I would have minded gang-related stories if it hadn’t been so many of them and I wish that someone would actually make it realistic. To really explore why gangs are formed and the consequences. Not some romanticised fantasy made up in the head that doesn’t even understand the harsh reality of people living in areas affected by gangs.


Okay, I just want to say the so called “gangs” in Episode stories in no reflect the criminal organizations we see in real life. In real life there are reasons drug cartels and even small time street dealers hurt people, no one commits violence for sake of violence that’s not a gang thing that’s a sociopath thing. In real life there are social and economic structures of power in place that make it harder for certain people to be successful in ways deemed acceptable by society, in real life there are kids living in projects and bad neighborhoods who’s only examples of successful people that look like them are either the actors/musicians/athletes they see on TV or the drug dealers they see in the streets . In real life there is a cycle of criminal behavior that passes through generations of disadvantaged people and it’s much more complicated and almost intrinsic than anyone has ever bothered getting into in an Episode story.


@maggdizz504 I have to agree with your statement. Still, I think it’s sad that it seems these stories only talk about loving an abusive person. There are plenty of men out there, not just gang leaders. Episode is an app that’s also for impressionable teens. (Myself included.) What are these stories teaching this generation?
It’s okay to date a bad boy, solely because he’s hot???
It’s okay to join a murderous gang just to get to a drug leader?
I feel maybe if it were more realistic, it might be better. Still, I also feel that people who write these unrealistic stories (that GLORIFY SEX) take it lightly, as if it doesn’t affect people. Everything is about sex, it’s disgusting.

And there are teens who probably could care less, this is just from MY viewpoint.


You’re right. Everyone has a reason. Usually, when gangs act, it’s to gain something. Whether it’s money, drugs, women/slaves. That doesn’t make it right. Violent crimes are still committed for the sake of power. And for unrealistic stories to be made glorifying the awesomeness of being in a gang, is wrong. And you’ve mentioned it before in a past comment, some writers don’t know what being in a gang actually involves.
So, why glorify it to people in a 13+ app?
That is not okay. It’s just sad.
How about a story about overcoming mental trauma?
How to not let peer pressure overtake you?

I’d definitely read that over a gang story that talks about being raped and thinking it’s okay because you’re in love.


Oh, I in no way think any of that shit is okay, I’m not defending anyone I just think that there’s a misconception being pushed that criminals are like “we do crime cause it’s fun and makes us look totally bad ass” instead of “we do crime cause it’s the only way we’ve learned to make money and feed our families.” which isn’t always the case but a lot of the time that plays a factor. You never get a “bad boy gangster” who’s selling drugs because he comes from a disadvantaged neighborhood in the middle of a food desert and he’s just trying to get by the only way he knows how. I think that’s where the glorification and promotion comes in, these characters aren’t actually people they are tropes designed to fulfill a fantasy that for whatever reason a lot of readers and writers have.


I appreciate the way your considering things from a different perspective. My hope is that these fantasy gang stories would end. I’m pretty sure a lot of these stories are possibly coming from teenagers. Unless, there’s some adult out there with unfulfilled desires promoting it in the community.
Not everything is about sex or gangs or even love. More stories should come to light with a deeper meaning. We talk about diversity but all these stories contain the same exact thing.
Even the ads that episode promotes are very questionable. I’m watching youtube and suddenly I get an ad with a girl in a white swimsuit all over a guy.
Where are the morals? Is this all that life has to offer?


I totally agree with you. So many authors to these kinds of stories, as well as some of their readers, are so ignorant to the issue the writer portrays in the story. They don’t realize that what they believe to be a tool to make their story more exciting, is the harsh reality for many people around the world. Unfortunately, when people voice their concern, they are often met with rudeness and many tell them to not read it if they don’t like it.


I think that these stories will always be at the forefront, whether on Episode or in general media. And that’s because women feel that love should be passionate and painful in order to be real. If we’re really talking about abusive relationships, I’ve seen that in other stories, not just gang themed. So I think there is an underlying issue here.
But taking away the specific entertainment won’t fix the issue.
Girls must be educated and made aware that certain fiction, is just that, fiction.


That is true. If you’ve developed your identity. And KNOW who you are and what you stand for. You are at less risk of being influenced by these things.

However, in regards to the specific entertainment.
Way too many times, young ones have been swayed by peer pressure or influenced by the media to imitate what they’ve seen or heard.
The MEDIA has a stronger impact then the government. Beyonce currently has more of an impact than the president. :unamused:

Children can be educated (knowing right and wrong) but still do whatever they want to do.
Why? Because their young and haven’t found themselves yet.

The bad is easier to pick up than the good.
If you’re around a group of people who do nothing but bad things. What traits will you pick up? Bad or good?

Same thing with entertainment.
If there’s nothing in your face except a collection of violent, immoral stories. (Which affect the mind) What habits will you pick up?

People are against gangs, murderers, rapist, and such, but yet these writers throw it in our faces like it’s nothing. (In the most unrealistic way.)
They make it look fun and exciting.
That’s not helping anyone to produce good results. If anything, they’re teaching that the quickest way to get rich is joining gangs and robbing banks. The quickest way to get your pleasure is drugging people. :rage:

Most adults have already discovered their sense of identity. What about impressionable young ones? (Because there are many)

If more age-appropriate stories were promoted, I think it would be better. And No, it wouldn’t fix everything in the world. But, why promote these stories to a younger crowd? I could understand if the app was for more mature people but it’s a 13+ app.
Many of the people reading the episode app are young. You can tell by the authors fanmail. What are most people asking for?

I’ll say love scenes for the sake of not getting flagged.
But what adult would ask for that?
Unless, their life just sucks.
What MATURE person would ask for something like that?
The app is FULL of impressionable young people, so, why not give them something good for a change? That’s it.


I see what you’re saying. But just like life can’t be all good, neither can our stories. The reason this genre has always been so popular amongst society in general, is because they are full of heartache and loss and victory and family. And even though I do not condone criminality, I can’t judge other people and their means to survive. And I can’t keep writers from obtaining inspiration from stories that are usually gut-wrenching and profound underneath the violence.
Do I approve of these stories turning into a romance, not really… but it’s not my story to tell.


Perhaps Episode adding in an age limit to certain stories would be a good compromise.


I understand. Sorry, if I came off a little rude.


No, no way! Not at all! I’ve seen other threads with similar themes that I’ve had to break up because people just attack each other. This was very civil and very informative. I appreciate your opinion and all others.


i think writing about gangs or mafias is okay as long as it’s done correctly and appropriately.

i’ve seen episode stories that didn’t completely misrepresent gangs.
there’s thriller/mystery stories out there that involve gangs or are revolved around the main character who’s a gang member, but aren’t too violent or political.
in other stories, they highlight the struggles of being in a gang and go deeper into the motives behind joining a gang. these are usually tragic & sad stories.
these type of stories aren’t too bad. the concept of gangs and what really goes in one are actually pretty interesting to read up about (in a respectful manner) because the stories are very emotional and compelling.

notice how i said thriller/mystery and not romance, yeah?
the romance stories aren’t as deep and detailed as ones like those. they don’t care about backstories or violence or drugs or research or accuracy, they just use it for the bad boy effect

i agree with you that it’s not okay to romanticize and glorify an abusive or dangerous relationship, and that these type of bad boy stories are making the impression that violent or even borderline sociopathic people are hot because they’re “rebellious”
painting gangs & violence in a positive light might also influence someone to believe misconceptions about gangs, without knowing the whole backstory behind gangs and the suffering felt by the people who are involved in them.

most of the time, the “gangs” in episode aren’t anywhere close to being like cartels, no complex background or research is put into a gang. they just give the gang a rough looking name and that’s as far as they go into writing about them.
and people usually make a gang member just look & act like a rebellious kid that likes to get into fights. these aren’t always stories where you can murder a bunch of people, but it’s still an incorrect portrayal and it can really give someone the wrong idea.
people think bad boys are hot because of their style, but they need to realize that actual, violent gang leaders and some angsty boy with a leather jacket and a motorcycle don’t go hand in hand.


I agree with everything you’re saying. But to be fair, I think we should give more credit to the younger generation. I don’t think they freely believe that being involved with a gang member is okay. Which is why they read books and stories and watch shows and movies that depict these things. Because it’s a fantasy.
I agree that writing about gang life should include background and context but I believe that for a lot of other themes and concepts as well.
I think maybe we can all just agree that the writing in these stories should be better.


oh don’t worry, i’m not blaming the readers at all.
that’s why i’ve been saying that gang/mafia romance stories are making impressions on younger readers, and that they can be easily influenced to form their opinions on gangs based on incorrect portrayals they see in these stories.

and yess, there’s a lot of other themes & concepts besides gangs that people misinterpret incorrectly in episode, and that the plots in general for episode stories really do need some work…


And can I just say (hopefully without sounding too whiney ) that I pride myself in writing stories that have to do with romance but have a lot of engrossing detail into my MC’s life away from the romance. And my reads are minimal, while other simple (sometimes incomprehensible) stories are showered with reads. I’m not complaining because I love to write and I love being part of this great platform. What I’m saying is perhaps readers at certain ages only want the bare bones of a creative concept. Am I making sense?