Why are my layers not working?

No matter what I try I get one or both if these characters that do not stay behind the banister. They’ll walk into the scene behind it but as soon as they speak they come in front of it. What do I do?

Have you spotted them off screen first before they walk and if you have I would layer it then as well.
@CHAR spot X Y AND CHAR faces left AND CHAR moves to layer 0
@CHAR walks to spot X Y in T
@CHAR moves to layer 0

I did that but the girl in the middle came in front of the banister again.

Hmm might be a glitch, best to post this to report a bug thread.

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Yeah, I just moved it over thanks :slight_smile:


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Try spotting the character to layer 2 and the banister to layer 3 see if that helps.

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I will later, thanks, I’m just getting ready to leave for the day.

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Ok hope it helps.

The best would you screenshot us the script.

Oh my god! That worked, thank you so much :slight_smile: xx

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