Why Are Some Items Of Clothing Not Categorized? Limelight

Like, for example, there’ s a prison jumpsuit that I HAD NO IDEA ABOUT, because you can only find it if you scroll down in the “all” category, it’s not in the shirt category!


That literally got released today. Maybe it hasn’t been categorised yet?

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Oh, it did? Why is it towards the bottom of the list? But, it’s not just that, it’s a lot of items.

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These items?

Ah, some of them. But a lot more others too, for example theirs a few hats and such that aren’t in the ‘head pieces’ category.

Same! This happens to me, and I really dislike it but i’ve also been to lazy to put in a support ticket. Like some of the crowns don’t show up in the accessories…

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I notice it with some jewelry and bags too. It’s kind of a pain but if I’m really in need of a bag, I just use the search tool.

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There’s a bunch of other shirts that aren’t in the category for some reason too (lots of sweaters, the long sleeve ones, etc) and a ton of accessories that don’t show up under accessories. Kind of a pain.

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There’s a ton of stuff that isn’t categorized. Shoes, shirts, dresses, jewelry, pants.
You have to scroll through all to find them, it’s pretty annoying…


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I noticed this with a couple of the dresses, and I think some of the sunglasses?
The dresses don’t appear I’d you filter for dresses and some glasses appear under the accessories, but not all of them.

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