Why are the first 6 trending stories episode all limelight

is that a way of promoting limelight? i personally read ink but i couldn’t find any until i scrolled a bit across a bit more


uhm maybe because it’s actually trending


i’m just thinking why the first few, most visible ones, were limelight. ALL limelight. maybe you are correct. idk

I think it’s because that’s the current style, as they are not updating ink anymore. I like ink and limelight, but I like writing in limelight and reading in ink, I don’t know why.

yeah that’s probably why… thanks :slight_smile:
i personally prefer ink but i don’t mind limelight

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Yeah, I like seeing what people can come up with when doing ink, cuz’ you kinda have to improvise because limelight has a lot more stuff. (Not hating on limelight, just kinda stating a fact) I like reading limelight stories, but only really good ones as I tend not to like reading it for some reason. I’ll literally read almost anything in ink.

same and i agree^. i’m kinda worried as i’m writing a stroy right now i’m ink ans it takes me ages to write (procrastinating) that by the time i publish it no one will read it. :frowning: i find it very hard to costumization boys on limelight too. i prefer the boys looks on ink.


YESSS agree on the boys thing. Also- there are plenty of people who read ink, so don’t worry about that.

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No that’s not true lol I’ll read it! I prefer ink over limelight. Maybe one day it’ll change but I don’t see it happening anytime soon.

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I’m pretty sure they’re gonna update Ink with seasonal stuff, rather than character tech like limelight.

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