Why are the top authors episodes so short?

I’m reading a story on episode by one of the top writers on here, but the episodes are really short. I would understand if the episode was short and it had difficult overlays, difficult spot direction, lots of background characters, and advanced zooms. In that case, I would look past the shortness of the episode and appreciate all the work that went into it but IT DIDN’T!
I would expect someone with such a large fan base to make the episodes a little longer especially if it isn’t a very animated episode and lacks choices. Its almost as if they updated only to recieve a pay and not because they are genuinely doing it for their readers.
The storyline is great and I will continue to read it but I get aggravated reading such short episodes because it makes me feel like I’m wasting my ticket.
Personally, I feel like an episode should be at least 1200-1500 lines. Some may argue and say 800 lines but that episode I read felt more like 400-500 lines to be honest. (I said felt like 400-500 lines, I know the minimum is 800 lines)

How much lines do you think an episode should have?

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