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  • Equal rights!

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Everyone who is for Equal rights - please do like first post in this thread:

FEATURE: Mature stories for 18+ for Mature readers

Only this way we can achieve our goal :heart:



By equal rights in this case, I’d like it to be about Episode finally keeping their stories within their PG13 guidelines and to make sure their users do too.


Could someone elaborate?

When you say “Equal rights”, do you mean we should be allowed to post suggestive material because Episode features that sort of thing, despite it being against the ToS?


I just think it is really inappropriate


Is both an option? Because I do want consistent enforcement of the guidelines, and a comprehensive rating system (like other online writing platforms have) If they plan on featuring adult content, but also I this particular story is awful.


I for one think it should be equal…but with that being said, i think the guidelines need to either be enforced or changed.

I vote to have an 18+ “Adult Content” section that way, stories like IMB can go under…


I hate it. This story is TRASH!!! :expressionless:There is no character development or plot at all. This is just a Shitty, badly written and directed TRASH.


There’s another group of episodians who fight for Equal rights. They want adult content to be allowed .


Everyone who is for Equal rights - please do like first post in this thread:

FEATURE: Mature stories for 18+ for Mature readers

Only this way we can achieve our goal :heart:


If that’s the case, I think that would be fine as long as there was a clear rating system.


the app store won’t like that


you can’t accurately tell who’s 18 and who isn’t


I hate it because it not only is written poorly but the story is sending a horrible message to kids. There is no way to protect kids from mature content. Even it’s not episode fault that kids read that stuff I still think there should be a separate place for mature stories. I don’t understand why adults need a mature section on 13+ app there are so many places to find mature content and episode just isn’t one of them.

However I do think Episode should stop breaking their guidlines.


It would be fine as long as there is a lock you manually have to deselect. Like tumblr or Twitter.


… They purposely ran over the principal & practically killed him then brushed it off like it was no big deal.

Promoting dangerous/unhealthy sexual relationships to an impressionable audience.

Grown adults sexualizing teenagers in a story with no primary plot and instead the goal was to turn on pre-teens enough to entice them to engage in the story so Episode can cash in the money. :unamused:



Well, I want to start off by saying, stories that contain mature themes (such as sex, violence, etc), can be enjoyable. I like a lot of R-rated movies. There are many well-written stories (online and physical) that contain these themes. But, even though stories containing this content can be great, ‘…In My Bed!’ does it wrong.

  • The book oversexualizes teenagers. Yup, you heard it right here. The main goal of the protagonist and her best friend is forming a pact to lose their virginities. They seem completely sex obsessed. There are sexual innuendos that aren’t clever, just raunchy. One of the characters comes to school in her underwear with no repercussions. Amanda (the mean girl), hosts a SEX PARTY AT HER HOME. There’s a scene where you can pay diamonds to go to an underground sex party with one or both of the LIs. At Amanda’s sex party, when MC and Cecille arrive, a man is clearly taking pictures of two girls in their underwear (who I’m assuming are underage because of being in HIGH SCHOOL). Everyone at the party is in their underwear. Amanda was dirty dancing with both of the ‘bad boys’. Oh, the most iconic one. If you pay diamonds to leave sex ed class with Shane, you can lose your virginity in a PUBLIC POOL. Also, Ryder buys MC LEATHER BOOTS AND LINGIERE.
  • The book overuses bullying! I do think that books can have bullying. It happens, but it needs to be done tastefully. Cecille bullies this guy Carl for no reason. Amanda bullies MC, Cecille, and Carl for no reason. I’m not saying people need a reason, but the bullying doesn’t even make sense to the (nonexistent) plot.
  • The book romanticizes things that shouldn’t be romanticized! Both of the bad boys break in MC’s bedroom and the dialogue choices don’t even include normal reactions like “What are you doing in here?” “SCREAMING” “CALLING THE POLICE” “YELLING FOR MY PARENTS?SIBLING”. They make breaking in and entering sexy because it’s her “hot” classmates. Instead of kicking the boys in her room you can choose to either escape your house with one or both of them (only with diamonds of course). You’ll hotwire a car. But before that, you can get NAKED WITH THE LI.
  • The book has so many crimes, OMG! You can dare Shane to do anything. That includes burning down the school (arson). The bad boys break into your room (breaking in and entering). Amanda threatens to ‘end’ the MC if she comes to her party (threats). MC escapes the house late at night (breaking curfew - many towns have curfews for minors). You can hotwire and steal a car (theft). Having sex in public (public nudity). A man is taking pictures of high school girls in their underwear (child pornography). There’s an option to hit and kill the principal with your stolen car (murder and hit and run). You can ditch school whenever you want (not breaking a crime, but I’m sure it’s suspension if you do this). Having sex on school property (a number of crimes/rules broken). MC and LI run away from the police (resisting arrest?). Also, if Cecille and Amanda’s bullying gets bad enough, it can make Carl hurt himself or commit suicide. I know this is dark, but bullying in school is really harsh and can sometimes have major repurcussions. There have also been a couple of movements after suicide due to bullying to incrimnate those who pushed these children to end their lives. Once again, I know it’s heavy, which is why Episode shouldn’t be causually throwing it around.
  • The story promotes unhealthy sexual behaviors. The story does not once mention using protection. MC can get a disease and/or pregnant from this, but neither party even mentions this. MC barely knows either of the guys. She just thinks they’re hot. No emotions whatsoever. I think that consent is barely present in the story?
  • The book has a lack of authority figures. Like, where are the rest of staff? Anyone’s parents? They are completely nonexistent
    Finally, the book breaks Episode’s OWN guidelines. Yes. Now I’m not going have pictures of those guidelines (they’re pictures in the thread discussing in my bed), but I think you guys have my points.


I completely agree with your points, I couldn’t have said it better myself.
It’s just toxic for young people to read these things, and Episode is promoting the wrong things!