Why are you not at work, college or school today?

I went work today but ended up getting sent home due to my epilepsy :frowning:

what’s your reason?


day off from school I don’t know why

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fair enough :slight_smile:

I’m not aloud to work because of my epilepsy, Cerebral Palsy, Autism and dyslexia

I finished early :blush:

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Oh right I’ve heard of not being allowed to work due to epilepsy, autism and cerebral palsy but not dyslexia. I have dyslexia too but not bad. My epilepsy isn’t bad either but they want to be carful as I work in a nursery.

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Nice one :slight_smile: love an early finish :wink:

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Yeah it feels great. Had this big presentation so it feels amazing to be done w that as well. :heart_eyes::slight_smile:

I’m off school today bc February break but I go back tomorrow NOOOO

i am at work. my home is my work. i work from home.

btw i have autism and dyslexia too. i did have epeilepsy but did grow out of it(doctors think it had something to do with me been bullied. and it was not actually real epeilepsy)

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I see :slight_smile: My dyslexia made me struggle at school too. I remember failing my exams too :frowning:
eventually I went to college to do childcare I was doing fine despite my spelling and grammar. But when the government decided that childcare workers now needed GCSE C grade maths and English I thought I’d spent all those years for nothing (I had done 4 years) As I would have to redo Maths and English otherwise I wouldn’t be allowed to work in a nursery.

I ended up doing the course as I didn’t want them 4 years going to waste (I was still doing my level 3)

I eventually sat my exams feeling determined but also had a feeling that I would fail, I passed both :smiley:

As for my epilepsy I just have to keep my boss up to date with what’s happening.

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We all need a refresh from time to time :wink:

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Very true!

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I think I’ve heard something like that it’s called NES (Non epileptic seizures) it’s where the brain struggles to cope with stress?

What work do you do? is it like online or something similar?

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School break
Election periods

Oh dear ha ha ha it’s the Feb half term next week over here. I can’t wait :stuck_out_tongue: it means it will be quiet while I walk to and from work

I can’t even remember when that starts over here :stuck_out_tongue: as far as I know we are still waiting for Brexit :unamused:


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its online. its kinda boring

I’m sorry to hear that, I was bullied a lot at school too. They weren’t very supportive (except for 1 teacher) College I have to say were really supportive. Have you reported the bullying on here?

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