Why aren't Community Stories on the feed?

I don’t know if it’s with everyone, but whenever I open my app, it shows only Episode stories and Episode Official ones. There are no community stories. I need to search for them to read. And honestly, I find the community stories far more interesting than the Episode stories (probably because they do a lot of editing with original story). I used to read the Episode stories ONLY for many days, being totally unaware that there are a set of more amazing stories that I need to search for. Why is it like this? It’s frustrating tbh.


Community stories don’t show up at all in your favorites or in the genres? :thinking:


Restart the app

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Yeah only episode originals are shown on the main screen. But if you go to the community tab you’ll be able to see the top community stories from each genre. :blush:


Are you on a new account/new phone

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