Why aren't my read count milestones showing up on the app?

I’ve recently reached over 1,000 reads on my story “Save Me”, but the milestone for it’s read counts haven’t been showing up on the app like they used to. Like this:

Anyone know why?


Episode is buggin right now. The bgs and overlays, the promised update. Like it’s just buggin rn.


I just hid 500 a week ago. mine havent show up either.

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Hi @Allie_Diamond_Epy, I’d recommend submitting a help ticket for that, our support would be more than happy to help. :smiley:

@line123462 you may want to as well, if you haven’t already. :wink:

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Our reads always take a couple of days to show up in the app… Just give it some time, and keep us updated. If that doesn’t “fix” the problem, you can always support a ticket to the team, as Sydney suggested. :slightly_smiling_face:

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