Why aren't there many male stories.?

Why aren’t there any male stories that aren’t about the bad boy’s or popular kid’s traumas? I wanted to represent a male so Im making a story called Life Of A Single Dad (now canceled due to script errors glitching out with the baby swaddle) . Orginally it was going to be a female but I realized this!
So I have a contest! To enter you must have to make a story about a nice male mc. The story though must have a feature if its a comedy it must have a little romance/action.

Winners will be announced after contest gets at least 10 signups. STORIES MUST BE YOURS!


Currently two stories in and maybe one in the making.


Title :


I agree… not many stories have male characters and I think its because most of everyone here are females. Most of the males don’t tend to actually right.

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Can I join? I really have been struggling with ideas, and this seems fun!

True. I’m a female as well but I lived men my whole life. I gotten used to the way males live. Its not as different!

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Of course!

Nice. I’m not going to force you to create a story with just a male mc and just other side characters, but feel free too!

Yeah, there aren’t many male MC stories.

Summary 01

I have one from my five that are and once I’m done these stories, my sixth one (to come later will for sure have a male MC option). This is because when I made my stories, I didn’t know any advanced directing or branching so I didn’t know how to include a male MC option. Now, I do-I went back to one my stories and edited it to include it, though it’s a lot of work, I’ll admit but worth it.

I just want to say that Episode’s main targeted audience are girls-we need more guys in the community. Seriously, if we can encourage other guys to join, write stories that have male MCs, this would be awesome.

One of the biggest achievements that Episode can have is featuring a male MC story-this would be absolutely mind blowing and a big step in making the app more geared towards both guys and girls.

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There are a few! You just have to look around more for them. I actually published a story with two male MCs yesterday (self-promoting because my stories outside of official contests don’t really get the same momentum :sweat_smile:). Would that be alright, or would they have to be written after people sign up?


That’s totally fine!

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Then yeah, I’ll participate! Do you want me to just post it here?

reading through this I realised, my story only has one male character and he’s the uber driver so I need to make it more realistic, there’s not many males in my life rn (no father or brothers, I have a bf and two male friends, that’s it) which influences this but most people have both so I should tweak that

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Yeah. You have to post the cover and the story’s name and author. And tell me the plot.

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Yeah but I find writing in a boy’s perspective to be kind of difficult, since I’m a female. Personally I don’t want to offend anyone with my views and how the character will be portrayed in my story, I’m not a good “personality maker” lol.

You should honestly ask a friend in your life about his struggles and what its like to be a guy.

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I actually already do talk to them about their life and struggles but strangely I have similar problems to them - aside from ahem ahem other things. Maybe I find it hard differentiating between the two genders because of how similar my personality is to theirs :sweat_smile:. Maybe it’s just me. I’d love to make a story though, but unfortunately I’m already writing my own :frowning:

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That’s ok.

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Title: Disconnected
Author: Alvar M.
Genre: Mystery/romance
Short Description: Killian never expected his travels to lead to romance or a false accusation of murder. Can his new companion help him clear his name or will their feelings blind them to the truth?

Full Summary

Killian thought he had the perfect plan to avoid his problems. After all, nothing says “I’m not grieving or running away from the future” like an impulsive trip to Europe. His plan backfires shortly after an innocent encounter with a kind stranger, when he finds himself accused of murdering a woman he’s never met.

Soon, he can’t help but become further involved with Raziel, a troubled computer genius who thinks he’s ready to move on from his own past. This becomes increasingly difficult, as the murder of his boss and long-time friend uncovers painful truths and crushing guilt.

When circumstance forces the two of them together, will they be able to help each other out of the mess they’re in? Or have they found themselves in a situation more dangerous than either of them could have imagined?