Why authors getting their stories banned when episode stories go against the rules!



I’m sorry if this offends anybody but this is my opinion that I just want to share and change in the episode community! I think its unfair how stories get removed from episode when your on stories or worse! The story “In my Bed!!” I can already tell by screen shots and other people telling me that this story is not PG-13! I mean we have kids less than twelve years old on this app! They should not be seeing this stuff and the adds oh my lord, but that is not the point! The point is that Episode should STOP banning people stories for nothing and start removing their nasty/ dirty episode stories! I feel like the two main stories that should not be on there is “In my Bed” and “It starts with a bra”. I feel like kids under thirteen should not be seeing this stuff and needs to get removed! I’m not trying to hate on episode! Episode has been my life for years but now I’m just tired of seeing my friends stories get banned… :frowning: I hope you guys understand! #EPISODEHYPOCRISY** If you want to come with us all please post something with #EpisodeHypocrisy on Instagram! There has been sixty four posts o far so share the word!**


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