Why can’t characters wear anything they want?

Why doesn’t episode allow the characters to wear all clothing boys and girls? Why is it boys clothes for male and female clothing for girls??

Just asking


I don’t know it’s annoying really but you see a lot of games do this ( well I see it a lot at leat) and I think that it’s kinda rude. those games give people and especialy childeren a wrong few. guy ARE allowed to wear girls clothes just like girls are allowed to wear boy’s clothes sadly this is not the case with games :disappointed_relieved:


Funnily enough I wrote this just before replying to your thread. Just don’t see why this is isn’t possible :confused:

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i mean… boys are male… I don’t understand :confused:

I mean its like the male characters can’t wear dresses and skirts ect

And the girls haven’t really got any boyish clothing

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because people the woman body and the man body is not the same. and as much you people wish for equality it is NOT gonna happen so much that clothes no longer will be gendered.

also the fact they have to make all the clothes. which cost time and money. and they can’t just pass it on to both. its like you people dont even know how this work. they have draw the clothes which take time. make it work with the animations.

Wow ok calm down a little, I understand it takes time and money just don’t see why this isn’t something they have looked into that’s all…

It’s not a massive concern it was just something that popped into my head…

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