Why can’t I find this background for my profile?

Okay. :unamused: is I was on this profile of a girl named “Cher.” She had this sunset background. l went in my own profile and I COULDNT find it! It’s not just her only . Why does this happen lmao :sweat_smile: any of y’all know why?

Here is that profile. Tell me down below if you can find it… on your own pfp


i don’t think i have it


The background is like a wedding on a beach.

Exactly I can’t find it

just type in the background search box ‘ext. beach wedding reception - dusk’.

U sure it will work?

that’s the name of the background in the writer’s portal art catalog. i did this when i wanted a specific background that wasn’t on my profile, & it worked.

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Can you send me a screen recording?


I get that

did you try it out on your own profile?


I typed “ EXT. BEACH WEDDING RECEPTION - DUSK” was that correct?

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the like meant as yes!

Oh sorry but why is it not coming?


i tried it on my device & it didn’t work either. maybe the background catalog changed from back then & took out some backgrounds including the beach one.

Well thanks anyways. Your a real Jem!

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