Why can’t I hear music?

I was reading a story that always starts with typing sound effects. But I couldn’t hear them! I Don’t think it’s the author’s fault!
I also can’t hear the Episode music.

It also happens when I preview my story on my phone! Is this a bug, Or am I the only one?


I have the volume ALL the way up BTW!!

But, what about the sound on the app? I can’t hear it when I READ a story.

I meant I’m worried about when I read an Episode story I can’t hear the sound!

That usually happens to me too and it’s usually because of the stupid ads. What I have to do is exit the story, and then go back to it and if that doesn’t work, I just exit the app and then go back to it but sometimes even that still doesn’t work.


What should I do? Send a ticket?

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I think that’s the only solution if nothing else works

Link for the help ticket in case you need it. :smiley:

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I had this problem but for me it was forgetting to reset the volume when I would change it to make music fade. Perhaps doing that will help? Good luck!!! Hope it gets fixed soon

This happens to me.

I found that if you exit in and out of the app it helps. Or even in and out of the story itself. It’s typically not the author’s fault. I found previewing my own stories in the app, that my app had this glitch.


This recently started happening to me as well!
If you have an apple device, what works for me is offloading the app and then reinstalling it. Offloading doesn’t delete any data, but it’s like a hard reset of whatever app you choose.
Sometimes it works, others it doesn’t, but hopefully it’ll help someone!

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I don’t think it worked😢

did you touch like disable sounds effects ?

How do you do that?

well when you click on a story if im not wrong there like a icon near the play button and it tell you if you want to record your screen when you’re playing or disable the text effects or the sounds effects etc

Which one?

there no option to disable the sounds oof :frowning: wait a min , are you on apple ?

Yes I’m on a iPhone

oh , so i think ik how to fix it