Why can’t we set up an over 18’s club?

I know it has to be a age 13 in the normal Episodes story site/App and we have ALL had to adjust to it. We will never make everyone happy but we can make everyone happy so why should only some people get what they want? It’s simple when you think about it really if you make the over 16’s club a membership so we pay a monthly fee instead of paying for episodes/chapters/passes/gems by credit card/PayPal and you HAVE to submit your age!im sure EVERYONE would be happy to do that? What do you think people please let me know as I’m so sick and tired with “ he kissed me then my neck and my body all over” then “it’s the next day”!!! Noooo I want passion and raw sex and more then that I want to know what he did when his hand went up her skirt and if she went down on him and how he bent her over the desk and it wasn’t two seconds later!! And the next bloody day!!


They have a “mature” app in the works called “Ivy”. The guidelines will be a lot more lax on what can/can’t be shown in a romance story. Episode, itself, however, is a 13+ app and therefore, all stories must meet guidelines and be Pg-13 at most. So, this isn’t going to happen with Episode. I suggest waiting for Ivy to be fully released then read the romance section there. :woman_shrugging:



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If you want to read passion and raw sex then why are you on an app for 13 year olds? I’m just saying, plus most adult stuff can only be accessed by people who are 18+ depending on country and laws. So either wait for Ivy, the mature app to be released or use one of the thousands of other story apps because Episode is not going to change their guidelines on what can be written on their app just because you want them to.


Then go the hub if you want to see that stuff. Also you must have a fetish for animated characters doing that stuff.


i agree , it only an app for 13 year olds , so you must knew that there is going to be some limits in this app. You wouldn’t see some 18+ stuff everytime in an 13 year old app (even tho some people are doing this will the guideline is still here but thankfully they are being banned from the app or theirs stories are being deleted.) Plus it their app if they wanted to make a 18’s club in the same app (episode) they would aldready do it , they would make a section of story like these but with a security on it but that’s not the case. And since people were begging to do “more” mature stuff they decided to do make the ivy app which is still in beta , so i suggest you to wait and maybe write your ideas somewhere but not in the 13 years old episode app , and i’m pretty sure that you can find these stuff somewhere else.


There are sites for this type of thing, Episode isnt one of them


Okay you’re like actually sus. Like what? That’s nasty.


What about blood/guns? Many amazing stories were reported because of showing too much of that…

Ivy will more than likely have more genres than just romance. So, I would think that they would be more lax about the guidelines on adventure/action/horror/etc., too, since it’s a “mature” adult-targeted app. We will have to wait until Ivy’s fully released to see, but it’s a good bet.

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What does that have to due with someone wanting a 13+ app to have barbie smut?

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Action usually got blood and guns but now stories are being deleted cause it’s a 13+ but nothing wrong with that

But the conversation is not about action or horror, it’s about someone wanting explicit sex scenes on an app that is targeted to 13 year olds