Why can't I access my stories?

I made a story, and saved it, but didn’t publish it. Now when I go to the writers portal it only shows my most recent story. I can see my others stories via the app, but not on my computer. Please help!

You have to scroll on the panel that says My stories and then you can find it!

I’m having almost the exact same issue as of now. Wanted to work on the main story unpublished for months, only for it to suddenly not showing up after below.

Except the thing is, what I did recently was just create a new story, but scrapped it. It was empty and everything, no script whatsoever.

But now, I can’t see any of my stories. Not in Manage Stories, or anything. And the above “My Stories” tab is kind of showing that too. It’s only redirecting me to the tutorial directing page ):