Why can't I delete this character?



Does anyone know how I can delete this character? I also have another character I can’t delete.
Am I doing something wrong?
There isn’t the red delete button.
If you could tell me, I’d appreciate it very much.


Have you used them in a episode?


Yes. But I’m deciding to rewrite he episode so I’m doing a delete character spree (and also the outfits). I reloaded it a hundred times, and I still can’t delete the outfit or person.


You cant delete them since you used them before :sweat_smile:


Oh, so if they’re in the episode, I can’t delete them?


No :confused:


Oh, okay, I see. Thank you so much! :heart:


Oh my god, it worked!
I’m such an idiot~ Thank you, really!


Happy to see this resolved. Closing. :slight_smile: