Why cant i make my camera move to where i want it to?

When im trying to move my camera to a different place in my background, it just limits me from where i want my camera to focus on, so i cant code my story the way i want it to, like i have to keep my characters in the place the camera limits me from. If that made sense, hopefully. So please tell me why this is happening or if there’s a solution to stop it , thanks. :slight_smile:

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With each background there are usually 2-3 zones.

This background for example has 3 zones. So before each scene with a new background, you need to specify what zone you want the scene to be in.

So for this background, if I wanted the middle part of the beach, I would type my scene like this:

@cut to zone 2

If characters are in two zones, you can: @cut to zone 1, and place characters there. You can @cut to the 3 zones anytime in the scene, you just need to specify with @cut command or even @pan

So, zone 1 is the left, zone 2 is the middle, and zone 3 is the right, and so on. Hope this is what you mean!

Yes, that’s what i mean! And this worked, thank you so much!

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