Why can't I post in my new account?

So I created a new forums account (Bc somehow I can’t change my username on this account?) and it didn’t let me post
Usually, you’ll see a “+ New Topic” on top of all the categories menu but on my new acc, there was nothing even when I used the Ctrl+C shortcut. and when I reply to a topic and change it to create new topic, it said I didn’t have the authorization to post a topic.
Can someone please help?

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You have to be a member for a while in order to post. I couldn’t post when I first started and what was worse I couldn’t post to ask why I couldn’t post :laughing:

Just give it a few days and you should be good. They should really let people know when they make an account that they won’t be able to post for a while but they don’t :man_shrugging:

yeah uh… that’s not allowed. it’ll get suspended. and to change your username you have to message one of the mods. @PizzaWriter

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It’s been 2 months since I made that account?

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I think it it takes longer than that tbh. I know I said “a few days” but that’s because I don’t actually remember how long until I was able to post. I remember it being a ridiculously long time tho to stop spammers or something. I just left because I was frustrated at the waiting time and came back one day to find I could post. Maybe message a moderator with your open account and see what’s up.

okay, thanks

I was able to post right away.

I think you have to have spend a certain amount of time reading threads and liking posts it took me an hour if that to post.


Actually that seems right. When I came back I looked at and liked things before I realized I could post. Maybe that’s why

do you know if you like have to earn different badges or anything?

Yeah, I think you have to spend some time commenting and liking other people’s posts before you can make your own post? That’s what I was doing before I could start posting. I think I vaguely remember a pop up that might of been an achievement but I was new to the sight so idk.