Why can't I preview?

I’m using MacBook and somehow I can’t preview any of my episodes. And no there is no coding errors
I get an error-> Error: Assertion failed: unidentified

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Try refreshing the page and restarting your mac

Have you been able to preview your episodes before?

no and no it didn’t work

Maybe try restarting your computer, clearing your cache, using a different browser? If there’s no script error it just has to be something weird with the browser/portal.

It happens a lot of time with me too just copy your script somewhere else and then close the portal and check your network coverage or switch to another one for sometime.


also trying another browser sometimes help

Send your script

It is correct. No error and it runs on other pc but not on MacBook

What browser do you use? And what version of Mac are you using (like Sierra, Catalina)

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