Why can't I see my own episodes?

So I was trying to check out my first 3 episodes since they’re almost ready for publishing, but often viewing the first episode my screen just went black. And I couldn’t view my other chapters. Is someone else having this issue, or knows how I can fix it??

What kind of phone do you have? Like version, iOS or Android

I have iOS

Maybe, try reinstalling the app. Or clicking “update script” on the left of the screen when you view your story. If that doesn’t work maybe try sending a ticket to episode, it probably is just a glitch and not a story problem, maybe wait a bit and come back and see if it’s working properly?

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I’ll try reinstalling and updating. If it doesn’t work, where could I send a ticket?

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Try to click on the “navigation” button on the episode app after opening your story and try to click on “reset story progress” this will refresh your story and may be work out for you, alternatively, you can just use the web preview provided on the portal. other than that, you can also try to re-install the app as suggested above. good luck. and let me know if it works.

Hi! If I reset I’ll just start episode 1 again. And deleting and reinstalling the app doesn’t work either :no_mouth:

Is there maybe an error in your story…?

I don’t think so. I’ve used the same intro as I used in episode 1

Here’s the link on how to file a support ticket

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