Why can't i see my story in the app?

Ok so today I was writing a story in limelight and I decided to preview my story in the episode app. but as I went to go find it, it wasn’t there. I have tried restarting the app and everything. please tell me if u can help me :frowning:

Did you use the same email account for both your app and the writing portal? If you didn’t use the same email, you won’t be able to see your story in the app.

yeah. I have previously created story’s and I can see them. its only recently that I haven’t been able to see my new story’s

I don’t know why it would be the only one not to show up. When on your portal, do you see the old stories on the side of your screen with the new ones? If you see those stories and are therefore using the same email for both accounts, I would submit a support ticket and ask for their help getting your new stories to appear.

yeah I will thanks

I guess maybe because the mobile app doesn’t support the limelight style. Same situation happened to me. I wrote a demo story in limelight style on my laptop, but when I opened my mobile app it wasn’t there in the “Create” category. But my Ink style story was. So probably Epi hasn’t supported the Limelight style creation yet in the mobile app.

That sucks :frowning: that’s my situation at the moment but I wrote a ticket. and hopefully I can find out what’s wrong

It won’t come up until you have published your story.

While you can not create a story in LIMELIGHT on the app for mobile directing, you can view the LIMELIGHT stories you created in the portal. The story should be viewable to preview.

To preview the story, you just have to scroll down to the create section. The story does not need to be published yet.

Closing as you’ve submitted a ticket and the support team should be helping you out shortly :slight_smile: