Why can't I see the weather conditions?

Hi… I have recently encountered some strange problem here. In my story, I made several fragments with the effect of RAIN. I did everything right, wrote it down and saved it in the script. Here I release the plot, spend my reader’s ticket and see that there is no rain in my scene, I looked not as a “Test” but as a reader directly.

I go into my plot and see that all the effects I installed are in place and without marking an ERROR. What’s wrong? :pensive: :sleepy:

I will be glad if you tell me :sweat_smile:

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Okay, this may sound a little silly and you probably already know this, but just in case, did you put the weather effect after any overlays? eg EXT. BACKGROUND with OVERLAY NAME with effect RAIN? I know there has to be a certain order to when you put them.
However, I also saw in another post made some time today that they also couldn’t view any of their weather effects either. It may just be a system glitch; I’ve found my app is crashing and zoomed in, so it may be something to do with the new update? (Just speculating).
Sorry if this isn’t much help; I hope it gets fixed soon for you :slight_smile:

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About… I’m glad you answered. Yes, I put the scene so THE NAME OF THE LOCATION + THE WEATHER CONDITION (following from the episode guide). And it’s strange, but I remembered that earlier, according to the script already written for my first 3 episodes, everything was fine. Perhaps this is really a system failure, as in the case of emoji… I will also hope that this will be corrected… Thank you very much :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heart_eyes: :heart: :heart:

the wetahr effect dont work on then portal, you have to test on your phone

word of advice, always make sure to test on your phone before ýou publish.

It does not work on the phone either, they are not displayed there in the “Test” mode either.

P.S. Well, more precisely 1-2 seconds. And then they switch off.

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okay, sound like a bug, episode has those some times.

I think that`s okay… but I just scaring. :heart: :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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