Why can't my overlays go to the places I put them in?

I make script templates on instagram, and they work fine for me, but when I tried putting them into the script on another account- the overlays weren’t in the right place… (I uploaded the same overlays with same names as well as backgrounds)
Here is the coding…

&zoom on 320 0 to 157% in 0
&GIRL1 spot 1.157 285 -83 AND GIRL2 spot 0.822 252 178 AND GIRL3 spot 0.863 57 157 AND GIRL4 spot 0.609 172 343 AND GIRL5 spot 0.527 86 425 AND GIRL6 spot 0.429 149 504
&BOY1 spot 1.206 167 -83 AND BOY2 spot 1.108 49 -36 AND BOY3 spot 0.895 152 161 AND BOY4 spot 0.609 93 350 AND BOY5 spot 0.593 238 362 AND BOY6 spot 0.429 197 514

&overlay 5484524617990144_ROW ONE shifts to -201 -9 in 0 AND overlay 5484524617990144_ROW ONE scales to 0.813 0.813 in 0
&overlay 5484524617990144_ROW TWO shifts to -136 69 in 0 AND overlay 5484524617990144_ROW TWO scales to 0.766 0.766 in 0
&overlay 5484524617990144_ROW THREE shifts to -79 164 in 0 AND overlay 5484524617990144_ROW THREE scales to 0.766 0.766 in 0
&overlay 5484524617990144_ROW FOUR shifts to -82 252 in 0 AND overlay 5484524617990144_ROW FOUR scales to 0.799 0.799 in 0
&overlay 5484524617990144_ROW FIVE shifts to -78 302 in 0 AND overlay 5484524617990144_ROW FIVE scales to 0.735 0.735 in 0

&overlay ROW ONE moves to layer 20
&GIRL1 moves to layer 19 AND BOY1 moves to layer 18 AND BOY2 moves to layer 17
&overlay ROW TWO moves to layer 16
&BOY3 moves to layer 15 AND GIRL2 moves to layer 14 AND GIRL3 moves to layer 13
&overlay ROW THREE moves to layer 12
&BOY4 moves to layer 11 AND GIRL4 moves to layer 10 AND BOY5 moves to layer 9
&overlay ROW FOUR moves to layer 8
&GIRL5 moves to layer 7
&overlay ROW FIVE moves to layer 2
&BOY6 moves to layer 1 AND GIRL6 moves to layer 1

&GIRL1 faces left AND BOY1 faces right AND BOY2 faces left AND GIRL3 faces left AND BOY3 faces right AND GIRL2 faces left AND BOY5 faces right AND GIRL4 faces left AND BOY4 faces right AND GIRL5 faces right AND BOY6 faces left AND GIRL6 faces right
&GIRL1 is talk_handsonhips_neutral_loop AND BOY1 is blush_shy AND BOY2 is read_phone_neutral_loop AND GIRL2 is talk_read_book_open_neutral_loop AND BOY3 is listen_nod_neutral_loop AND GIRL3 is yawn_bored AND BOY5 is talk_phone_neutral_loop AND GIRL4 is sip_cup_neutral_loop AND BOY4 is think_rubchin AND GIRL5 is read_book_open_neutral_loop AND GIRL6 is listen_nod_neutral_loop AND BOY6 is talk_armscrossed_sad_loop
@add Text Book Open Navy Blue to GIRL2
@add Text Book Open Navy Blue to GIRL5
@add Coffee Cup To Go to GIRL4

I’m not sure why they wouldn’t go to the places you put them, but I do know that the long number in front of the overlay is your numerical account ID. Mine is 4633322016800768 haha. It’s not actually needed, you can take it out of your template and it’ll still work for everyone.

Wow taking out the numbers fixed it, thanks! hah

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