Why can't you make this forum more user-friendly?

Everytime I click on a thread, it shoves me right to the end of the page or pages, and i have to scroll up for ages to see what the actual poster posted! That’s extremely annoying! Sort it out please.


Soooooo, did they sort it out yet?


you don’t have to scroll up, there’s another way.

if you’re at the bottom, click on the title of that specific topic, & it should put you right at the top.

if you would like to get to the bottom, & you’re at the top, click on “Last reply” box, & it’ll take you there.


True. You can also click on the numbers in the bottom right corner and just scroll through the comments to select what interest you


From the dramatic thread title I kind of expected something more than “I don’t like scrolling.”


Moved to Site Feedback since this is about the forum. Make sure to check out our Forum Tutorial for more info about where to correctly create topics, and feel to PM me if there are any questions. :wink:

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You can either click on the title of the thread (like @vqwrites said :+1:) or just scrol through this bar, by dragging the bolder part.
You can find it on the right side of each post/reply in a topic, or the Home Page. :house_with_garden:


Orrrr you can click the number of replies and it’ll give you the option to start from the top or bottom



Yes I’m new, read the forum tutorials, and quite frankly am having a hard time slogging through creating replies just to get permissions to be allowed to ask a technical question about the coding framework.

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Just a reminder ^^^ The above is the topic of this thread. Any discussion pertaining to anything else will be flagged and marked as off topic. Especially discussion regarding suspended users, which is prohibited on the forums.



I have read a few comments, episodeinteractive is working on it and we might be able to see the changes soon.

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I find the writer’s portal a lot more user-friendly, plus it taught me how to code. I think that they should have kept the mobile creator as a launching point for beginners, but with minimal to no updates. Having the only the mobile creator is like only making wheels out of wood.