Why certain animations don't work

  • idle_sit_armcrossed_unimpressed_loop-
    Can some one tell me why this animation don’t work, there’s two of them and when I try to use them they both come up as an error.

What error are you getting? Because there’s been an issue with some animation since months and it hasn’t been fixed yet… :thinking:

The one at the top, it’s two of those type animations and when I try to use either one, it comes back as an error

may not exist in all imitated body types for imitating
Character XXX may display idle animation instead:

There are two animations like this and neither one of them are working.

Yes this is a common error. I tend to just switch out the animation for another similar one. Sadly, that seems to be the only fix.


Thanks, that animation can come in so handy, I hope they fix it soon.

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