Why Certain Bad Boy Stories Need To Stop

I honestly think bad boy stories should stop. Who wants a guy who is a player who breaks your heart, a man whore and has slept around a lot and potentially could have contracted an STD or a golden boy, who insults your intelligence every five minutes. I know everyone has a guilty pleasure and I’m not saying you can’t like bad boy stories, but there are certain types of bad boys that need to stop. Emotional and psychological abuse is not cute if you didn’t know that. Episode themselves have even promoted it in the Bad Boys’ Girl which is home to dozens of other cliches. In the story I know for sure if you choose the boy from out of town he will scold you and force you to stay away from the other boy even though he’s like his half brother or something even though you’ve known the other guy longer and he’s your best friend even though he treated you like shit before the other guy came to town and took an interest in you when his brother came back.


I think you right…bcoz…as a girl i will never go for a gang leader…or mafia boss…I know they have their own stories…but none of this …implies that u have to commit crime…or kill someone…:neutral_face:


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Yup yup yup. Those stories are trash and more importantly, dangerous.


I think there’s a responsible way to write that kind of story without contributing to society teaching young girls that cruelty and affection go hand in hand. I don’t think we should completely get rid of the “bad boy” category, I just think we need to change it. We need to stop telling girls and women that abusive behavior just means he cares.


In my opinion, there are two kinds of bad boy story.
First one, bad boy - real bad - he hurts girl’s hearts, he hurts people, he doesn’t nice to anyone and then he meets you, he just nice to you
Second one, bad boy - not bad, that means he is just called bad boy for some reasons, but he is nice (not rude) to everyone, he helps people and in NO dirty relation ships.

The second kind can keep, but I think the first kind should be stopped, it makes no sense


I agree with this which is why certain stories where the boy treats the girl so badly for the majority of the story and he treated her bad because he liked her so much is the explanation. Honestly sounds like a bad anime to me.


I remember in kindergarten this little fucker named Denis would pull my hair, snap my back pack strap, and just generally be a little shit to me and when I would complain about it to the teacher she would tell me “Don’t worry, he probably just likes you” or some variation of that phrase that we continue to tell children to excuse abusive behavior. That’s how young we teach children that being an asshole is an appropriate way to show affection and an appropriate thing to accept as affection. Which I think is why it’s important to be conscious of what you’re writing and how you frame your characters. I wouldn’t mind a story where a girl falls for a “bad boy” type if it was part of a greater character arc that didn’t ultimately reward and glorify an abuser.


Not every boy who we call bad in reality is as bad as the typical, cliche bad boy we usually see in stories. Not every bad boy is obsessed with cool moto jackets, motorbikes and cigarettes. Not every bad boy is a ‘heartbreaker’. Not every bad boy misbehaves and treats other people rudely. I too have a best friend who’s called bad boy, but not because of the above conditions, but because of his rugged looks and demeanour. In actuality, he hates smoking and drinking, treats everyone as equal and is an A+ student.
I’ve seen this line quite often,"A good girl wants a bad boy who’d be good just for her. A bad boy wants a good girl who’d be bad just for him."
That’s not always true. In today’s world, we mostly think to play safe and be safe. We usually think to not get wrapped up in trouble. Our reality is so diverse, yet we fill our imaginations with the same old usual cliches and verily expected situations.
I think bad boy stories shouldn’t get stopped, but be made more attractive by avoiding the usual cliches such as tossing away girls like garbage (we girls have self-esteem too, ya know?!), smoking and/or drinking and/or drugs (it’s a big hecking problem in today’s world :cry:), black clothes and motorbikes (boys aren’t always mourning for someone and public transportation benefits the environment. So much for fashion sense…)
I think it’s big time we do something new. Like, a student being bullied in school? The bad boy can be a hero and save the day. Not necessarily by taking the path of violence. This will also give a prevention message for bullying. We can take diverse situations from our lives and glorify them in our stories, right? Not every primpy and model-like cheerleader captain who is ‘in love’ with the bad boy has to hate the MC girl, right?

Well, you can think ahead…


Agreed! Not only is it overdone, but it’s dangerous. Can we please, please, PLEASE stop teaching girls that if a boy is mean/abusive to you it’s romantic?!


I have to agree, at least most of these stories must stop. And the ones that remain must be realistic and responsible way portray bad boys. Like LiaMina said:

And I believe authors should find that way instead of sticking the (awfully overdone) bad boy plot.

Most writers (at least that I know of) write because they have something to say and to make catharsis, that alone is already worrying, why would so many people need to make catharsis over getting pregnant or dating bad boys? Answer is: they don’t. They just see what’s popular and try to imitate it. My concern about writing is that these authors may be limiting themselves to “what’s popular” and they may not write what they actually want to write about, and that’s worrying. We need a wider range of stories for authors to be able to make catharsis through writing. These kind of stories limit the creativity of people, and they use the potential of an author that could be used to make a decent story.

Readers want to make catharsis too, that’s why they are readers, they want to escape, to find characters and/or situations they will feel a connection with, and I doubt they’ll find it in such similar and repetitive stories. People can also read to learn but I don’t see how much they’ll learn from bad boy stories besides “Bad boys are hot!!1!!111!1!1”, “abuse is sexy”, and “You can change a person through love!1!!!11!1”.

Following those “lessons”, young girls tend to imitate the behaviours they read about (at least, my friends and I did when we were younger), and as someone who has been in abusive relationships, I don’t want to see girls thinking they can “change” the bad boys. And I really don’t want to see people in abusive relationships who don’t want to change it because they think it’s “true love”.And romanticising bad boys is going to make people think exactly that.

Now, not every bad boy story is bad, it can be a good story if it has interesting and 3D characters, as well as twists from the usual, cliché development this kind of stories tend to have. And just like LiaMina


It blows my mind how none existent basic character development is is some of these stories.


I see what you’re saying that why I used certain in the title. I have observed bad boys in stories that are decent human beings and just get a rep. As a victim of bullying I’m all for anti-bullying stories.


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