Why Classic style's CC comes as an error -- You're doing it wrong, sorta'

the portal will act as if nothing is wrong if you do this: Bangs Cascade Brunette

The hair color is a one package deal, as in, if you type in " Bangs Cascade Brunette" It’ll treat Bangs Cascade Brunette like a separate hairstyle to Bangs Cascade Black in classic.
In which are both the same hairstyles, just in different colors.

If you make a character that is classic in a story that is style inclusive, this is how the hairstyles will show up, like this. With their hair colors combined with their hairstyles.

So, it isn’t trained to take classic hairstyles separately from their colors, the different colors of the hairstyles are treated as different hairstyles to the other hairstyles that is the same hairstyle but is in a different color.

You can try this out for yourself, just type in;
@CLASSICCHAR changes hair into Back Braided Tousled Updo (red)
Instead of: @CLASSICCHAR changes hair into Back Braided Tousled Updo

image with the red, basically, whatever it’s named on the drop-down list, or in the box, type it in COMPLETELY with the “(red)” and all.

image if it says: Bob Orange or “Bob Red”

You put:
@CLASSICCHAR changes hair into Bob Red
Instead of:
@CLASSICCHAR changes hair into Bob

If you do, it won’t come out as an error, that’s all.

I’m not sure FULLY if the hair will actually show up, it might for you, but it didn’t for me, it might show up on another story of mine or yours than the one I tested it on.

I could of swore that Customization doesn’t work for Classic stories… or if it does… it’s the first I’m hearing of it…

@Dara.Amarie Does Customization work for Classic style now?