Why did episode remove the CC templates?

At one point I could just click on a template and assign the character to let the reader customise the character. Why did the get rid of it? it was really useful now I have to keep copying and pasting the coding template and edit the name.


Hi @Emmzy. I have gone ahead and moved this topic to the Episode Fan Community as it was created in the Site Feedback section which is only intended for talk about the forums. Please review our forum tutorial for more info on where to correctly create topics. Thanks! :peace_symbol:

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You can send people into the avatar creator feature in Limelight: here’s an explanation
Does that maybe help? Or did I maybe misunderstand the question?

I know this is a late reply but thanks :slight_smile:

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Probably because of @Dara.Amarie because she makes them, or that they were broken, either one.

Btw, thanks for the template, @Dara.Amarie Because I used it and was able to fix some errors in CC (I was trying to make a moon-elf template and screwed it up so bad in my story that it showed us the wrong character XD) Long story short, I needed help. XD

I replaced mine with hers and edited it. :confused: