Why did my background get rejected

I found some pictures of a possible dorm for a camp my character will go to. I created them as backgrounds and published for review. Two days later, today, my images got rejected due to trademarks and references to business names. My images don’t have any watermarks as far as I can see, could someone help me out as to why they got rejected? Thank you for your time, Kaley

Here’s the images I used:

Thank you so much again. Please comment if you have any information. I will update you as soon as I figure it out.

I’m not exactly sure, looks ok to me. But maybe the pictures on the wall? Or the shape of the light on the celing might look like a business logo? Honestly, I don’t know.

maybe its copyrighted

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That background is COPYRIGHTED. Do NOT use images from google. U need to use public domain websites, and ONLY publick domain websites. Images from google are ALL COPYRIGHTED.

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it is lol

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Trademarks and references are also a sigh of copyrights. Maybe.

definetley not all of them

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that is if there are on a public domain websites, so maybe, yeah not all, but only the ones that arent public domain.

Okay, thank you for replying.

Thank you for replying.

No, I got them from a website for episode backgrounds.

Is there anyway I could use these as a background and not get them rejected? They would be perfect for my story and I don’t have other backgrounds.


Ok I’ll try to find someone thank you again.

What’s your art group?

Do I just reply or message you privately?

Ok thanks I’ll do that now

Even though the image does not have a watermark or trademark, images can still be copyrighted. All Episode really has to do is a simple image reverse search. In this case, the background belongs to another visual/interactive app. Please be mindful about what you are downloading off the internet. If the images are copyrighted, you may be subject to legal consequences. Public domain images are the way to go. Otherwise feel free to edit one of Episode’s backgrounds to suit your needs. :slight_smile:


Solution marked. Thanks for the help folks! Closed.

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