Why did my background(s) get rejected and why is one not rejected?

So basically I got an image from another forum and I created a girl from an app called “IMVU” and cut it out and pasted it on the background (Since I cannot draw). So I have different girls pasted on the same background but one is rejected and the other one was approved. Why is that? Here are some examples: The first one got rejected but the second one got approved.

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Because Episode is messy

But, um, yeah, that was probably just human error. Maybe one reviewer could tell it was IMVU characters so they rejected it but another reviewer couldn’t and thought it was your own work? It happens :woman_shrugging:



I guess so, but my cover photo for my story also consisted of IMVU characters and they also approved of it. It’s pretty strange…


Yeah, but like I said… human error. I had a bulldozer overlay with a logo on it that was approved and a year later after the story in it was completed, they revoked it’s approval. Pretty sure it happened to Cindy G’s robot in Lifelike too. Everyone makes mistakes

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@amberose y ya gotta use tyler face? Oml. lol

Anyway, yeah I guess it was an error like @amberose mentioned. I was like yeah the first one is approved but why not approved the second one? So yeah i can agree with amber that it is probably an error. @vicaaa


… let’s call it fan art and move on :see_no_evil:

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Agreed. XD

Tyler is not involved with image reviews that I know of. My suggestion would be to submit a ticket with the same info that you provided us with in this thread. The team should be able to supply you with a reason. Thanks!


Moving this to Art Resources since it’s art-related. Make sure to check out our Forum Tutorial for more info about where to correctly create topics, and feel to PM me if there are any questions. :wink:

It depends they did recently change some guidelines and you do have to have things from Episode Interactive or drawn yourself and not “real” persay is how I take it, cautions for myself I guess.

I re-submitted all of them again and they all got approved this time! Thank you all for your answers though :blush:

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