Why did you fall in love with episode and it’s community?

Here is why I did:

Honestly life can suck. Like A LOT. It’s not fair ever. The odds are never in our favor, I mean think about this pandemic. We are all home trying to figure out how to adapt to our new environments wether it’s online school, being home from work, taking care of the kids etc. But even that happening to people there are worst things that happen to people.

I had a tablet around maybe 10 years old on Christmas. I was browsing for apps to play and my sister said “I found this app, play it I think you would like it.” So I downloaded it thinking it would be stupid and at the time it was still classic characters but I thought that was so cool even then. I had read so many stories by my first week of having it, and I actually really started to love to read, because I had reading disabilities I usually hated reading but episode made me like it, the stories were fun and were about romance in this crazy fantasy world. The ember effect was one of my first stories. I loved it. And I read it over and over and over again. Because I just loved it so much.

I had finally figured it out. Episode was my escape. With everything that I’ve gone through in my life which is a lot, it was a place where I just could read a romance story about a girl falling in love with the golden boy at school. I was so enveloped in these stories and it helped a lot. The nightmares I was suffering from had finally stopped. Instead my dreams were filled with my own story ideas and sparked my interest in writing. My language and grammar got so much better from just reading episode stories. A few years later I found out that I could write my own episode stories. If I look at my account today I have over like 20 story ideas started but nothing published I bet a lot of people can relate to that.

I just want to thank episode for being there when I had no where else to turn to I know it’s silly to be helped by stories about romance and gangs and what not but I can’t help the fact that episode was my savior in the end. Eventually I found this place and have seen so many struggling writers and friends I just couldn’t help but fall in love with this aspect of the community all over again.

Why did you fell in love with episode and it’s wonderful community?


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This is a great idea to bring love to the community!! Honestly, my story is kinda boring! But I saw an add and downloaded it as a joke to see what it was all about, and then I fell in love! I was able to read stories, which was something I loved, and also get a visual image! Soon after, I found out people had instagrams for this app and made art! That’s how I got into episode edits!


I fell in love with the community because I kinda feel at home here. A few times in my life I’ve been completely friendless, and I never want to have to feel like that again. Just when I moved across the USA, from the East Coast to the West Coast, I lost contact with my friends for a while, but then I found this community, and I didn’t feel so lonely anymore. :blob_hearts:


Okay, but your story is so heartwarming :sneezing_face:

So, I started out by downloading the Demi Lavato app which my sister showed me. I expected it to be just one of those normal apps you buy and then delete later, but then I fell in love with Alex Fox. :drooling_face: Lmao I’m just joking. No but all jokes aside, I really enjoyed it. I figured out that there was also an app called Episode that had stories like the Demi Lavato series. So, I started reading on there. Of course, I started with the crappy Episode originals, and I got sick and tired of always having scenes locked because of gems. So, I stepped away for a bit. Last summer, I found out that I never deleted the app and I wanted to try it again. I realized that Episode had community authors with some AMAZING stories. So, I started reading all of them and just instantly fell in love. I felt like reading the user stories on the app really helped me escape from my problems in the real world, and get to fantasize about having a life that some of the characters in the stories had. I just fell love with everything about this app. After a few months of reading Episode, I realized that it also let you write your own story. So, I started getting all these ideas for stories that took me on crazy, fun adventures in my head. I feel like Episode and the community is just the one place I can go to when I feel lost, happy, sad, joyful, or just need someone to talk to. I know the ads make the app look so awkward and disturbing but, it’s a really fun app and can really help take away unwanted emotions. :heart:

LOL I’m so sorry that was so long.


I fell in love with the Episode community when it was the complete opposite of what it is now, when my friends were here and when I could enjoy RPing.


Ok firstly, damn that whole speech really hit home for me. And secondly, I can relate on so many levels with this. The only reason I have the Episode App is because of one of my close friends. She told me to download this app that she thought I would like. I thought, “Eh, why not?” After the first weeks of having it, I was addicted. It’s been a few years since I’ve had the app, and I still love it. It all started out with reading the most cliche stories, to reading stories about other worlds or just very relatable things. The creativity of each author on the app is honestly amazing. I think the reason that I love the app so much is because it’s an escape from reality for me. And we all need that sometimes.


The Ember Effect was one of my first stories too (that story was wild haha). I don’t really have an exorbitant reason for getting into Episode and its community. It’s just, idk, the leeway of a medium to express the stories roaming in my head is just so liberating to me, y’know? Having my characters out there and having other people enjoy and fall in love with them (and even visa versa when reading community author stories!) just as I have is a really good feeling on my part as a writer, and I hope to relive that with this medium. (As soon as I stop procrastinating and start seriously coding/revamping my stories :sweat_smile: )


My first episode story was campus crush
I really remember being scared by the classic males and there appearance but it grew on me classic was one of my favorite styles
But then I took a break and then Demi lavato came out

I read I all day and all night and even watched channels play it

I guess I’m saying episode has been there for me as well
It’s taught me lessons on what not to do and how to handle situations quickly

In 2017 I started writing stories on the mobile app

They were pretty shitty but I still found it cool


I was dumbfounded

So I made stories come to life

Episode allows us all to think our mind and bring our creations to life

I properly started coding in 2018

And have been practicing since

I live you episode I really do!


Well I started reading episode in 2016, and the first story I read was “The President’s Daughter” which was in classic and back then I was in awe. Keyword: back then
Anyway I read this story like what 2-3 times, because that’s how good it was, to me at least. Two years later in 2018, I joined the episode community and I was really surprised by all the talented people (not the artists you know now) they all left sadly and their style was really unique. I tried really hard to replicate their style but even till now I can’t :joy:. I have my very own style I’m semi-happy with. When I joined the community, I made loads of friends (almost all of them left, or I fell out of contact with or even both). I found out a couple of months later that you can write your own stories and I tried and well let’s just say that’s another story for another time. It was the most unorganized cliche story ever probs written. I kept trying however and now I managed/am managing to write some more developed stories. Anyway I’d write more but I fell in love with episode due to all the nice and talented people I met as well as cool stories. Can’t say the same now literally everyone is ____ :)) I’m not finishing this sentence.


I fell in love with the community, but it wasn’t love at first sight. I downloaded the Demi Lovato: Path to fame app and I loved the stories!! Then, I checked out the Episode app and I really felt at home. To me, it was better than any other role playing game because it was the Episode community and the originality of the stories written by the new authors that really inspired me! When I found out I could write my own story I was so excited! I jotted down tons of ideas (not all were successful) and now I’m working on my own story! So thanks a lot to the wonderful Episode community and Episodians for being so kind and supportive! Thanks to
@SpookySherry, @PropertyofNae, @rileyy, @BlooperBlop @april_epi and @Akira_new-writer737.
I know some of you may not know me but you really helped me grow in this community! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::blush:


Hmmm… Okay so I was around 11 when I saw the forums 14 when I saw Demi I had just downloaded Demi Lovato as I had seen it from an add when I was playing this really cool piano game.

I began playing “Demi Lovato” And in just them, a week or two finished like all of it! ( :
It was then when I saw somewhere on the screen Episode Interactive and I looked at the app. At the time I wasn’t a big fan because I don’t think I have ever liked the “Episode Interactive” stories I preferred the ones made by us fellow users.

After it allowed me to see the rest of the stories I first found “The Gange’s” By Cleodora and may I say I love(d) her story! (Wish she would’ve completed) Anyhow, this story led me to read tons more and I just practically fell in love. Now 17 I can’t say my feelings have changed because they haven’t I still love reading the same cliche stories!
Ngl sometimes the forums dissapoint me along with the app, but I don’t think I will ever truly leave.


OMG I LOVE “THE GANGS” by Cleodora


Ahaha oddly enough I read that story too! I’m so sad she never finished it I loved it so much :sob::sob:


Thanks for the tag! Well, I joined Episode in late summer 2017 I think. I had seen many episode ads and I eventually thought I might as well try it out. I didn’t really think about it too much, I was probably bored and curious. I read some featured stories that I just adored at the time (some actually good, others not so much). I remember especially enjoying The Royal Baby (ik, ik, I was easily impressed) and The Secret of Rain (actually amazing, still one of my favorites). When reading Mean girls, I remember being amazed by the customization (and it was only ink). The mobile games I was used to didn’t have that. I also remember being amazed by the detail in the animations, something that I think most of us overlook. I thought it was so cool that my character was blinking, shifting, and her chest was rising and falling, like she was actually breathing. I was confused my the concept, but I quickly got addicted. I read so much episode and loved most of it. Eventually, I found the mobile creator and had fun playing around on that for a while. I had heard people mention coding and directing and such, but I just didn’t get it. Eventually, I found out there was a website where you could go to write stories, so I was so excited. I had never really cared about writing before, but I was too excited to care. I made an account and taught myself to code with Joseph Evan’s YouTube tutorials. At first, I just messed around and had no idea how to properly come up with a plot. Years later, I’ve been writing a little bit in and off, and had around twenty unfinished (some hardly started) stories. Because of Episode, I’ve learned that I actually kinda like writing, even if I have a lot of improvement to go. I’ve always loved to read, so that was never an issue for me. I liked knowing some coding things. When hearing about basic coding things, I already understand a little bit because of Episode, even as someone who’s never coded anything but Episode. I’m an obsessive person, so when I like something, I like it a LOT. That’s how it became with episode. I came to forums by hearing about it around the episode community and unintentionally being a little creepy by looking at the forums for a while before making an account… But hey, I was scared! I had never really shown myself on the internet, I usually just watched from a distance. I joined in summer 2019. I had mostly joined to join an outline contest. Gosh, I was so so scared to post, I had to psyche myself up for a solid ten minutes… I found that it wasn’t actually as scary as I thought it would be and no one was mean. I loved the Share Your Art Threads, so I started posting in there, which made me stay. I liked having a community where everyone liked what I did. It gave my a good preview of social media and I’ve met a lot of great people. A lot of people I’ve met have been really kind and supportive. I’ve heard the community is toxic, but I’ve never experienced that part. Maybe I just see the best in people, idk. Sorry for the super long essay, whoops. Thanks for reading if you made it this far! :heart:


Such a sad moment in history lmao


I did the same thing! I stalked threads until I was comfortable till making an account :joy:


Oh good! I’m not the only one! I thought I was just a creep…


Awwwwhhh sheesh I’m so glad to hear that :pleading_face::heart:


Really! You were one of the first people! :pleading_face:


I was in fifth grade when my little sister introduced me to the app. I remember my first story was campus crush, before INK came out.
I think I fell in love almost immediately, as I finally started to feel like I had some sort of control.
Life is crappy lmao, but once I joined the community, the amount of friends i was able to make was amazing. After a few years, I made an account where I could be myself. Oh my god I LOVE this feeling because I feel like I’m today’s society, sometimes it’s hard to be yourself when people judge you. Being able to express your ideas and thoughts and make friends who cannot see you and only enjoy you for your personality is such a wonderful thing.
Reading episode is one thing, but being able to play a part in this community is another
I love it here :heart: