Why do all guys have abs

I realised all my posts are complaints so… sorry to you Pocket Gems (Episode’s creators) but ya game has a lot of flaws when seen in hindsight ok setting that aside.
All the guys have abs and girls too XD we are not all skinny legends, some of us are totally average myself not included I am chubby-ish but it sucks that we are limited to guys and girls… XD who feel like a bag of rocks I mean I personally just strip my avatars naked when making fashion choices and I always start with the lower body for obvious reasons, I am just saying you cannot show guys or girls…OwOUwU who are not supposed to be hot shirtless because due to the limelight style abs could easily make anyone hot not biased this is worse on the men because it shows way more I cannot code outside episode apart from the month of java lessons that’s besides the point instead of clothes that make you look fat there should he a body shape feature,

  1. Obese (unnecessary)
  2. Chubby
  3. Average
  4. Skinny
  5. Muscular
    just thos e 4/5

I wish there was a body shape feature. There’s one character of mine that I always imagined as more curvy. I think it doesn’t set a good example for both girls and guys when there characters like that. However, adding body types means different animation and more clothing. It might be too much for episode


Haha agreed. They has a different body type in the Mean Girls, tho. Hopefully in the future they release more body types :laughing:


Update INK!


ikr and classic I played some classic stories and the Character animations in Classic are honestly the best


Abs are sexy


For me, it’s really weird that I try to make a chubby character then wow! He suddenly had abs!
If you support the idea of having more body shapes, go ahead and support this suggestion by liking the thread:

If you like the idea of bigger and smaller bra sizes support this thread:

There’s also body types in clothing form here:


Pro tip:. Show your support for this suggestion by “hearting” or “liking” the More Body Types thread that @yikko was so kind enough to supply us with above. :peace_symbol:

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