Why do big authors enter contests?

If they already have a big fan base and are being paid then whats the point for them to steal the opportunity from new authors? Im curious to know what the other side thinks and open to new perspectives.

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I think it’s understandable they like to compete themselves and that they want to boost up their reads as well since as you mentioned, they get paid. To be honest there are two things that usually bother me about this:

  • When a popular author enters every single contest - I mean come on, you just can’t be good at everything! Also how do you have so much free time??
  • When an average cliche story of a big author gets selected over some amazing entries from unknown writers - and in my opinion this is not their fault, but Episode’s…

I think for some people it’s actually not about winning the contest or about gaining more followers, it’s about the challenge of the contest itself, like trying to write a story in such a short timeframe and trying or being challenged by the theme… Or maybe they’re actually just inspired by the theme?


i have a few things to say for this so bear with me :cowboy_hat_face:

i don’t see the point of ANYONE joining ALL of the contests throughout the year. like damn, are able to write in all genres???

people need to look at themselves. i dont want to see a romance story if the contest is about fantasy. how hard is it to grasp??? another thing is joining a contest when you have 4+ uncompleted stories… pLEASE FINISH YOUR STORIES, ESPECIALLY IF YOU HAVE A LOT OF READERS. there are people waiting for your stories!

in conclusion, there’s NOTHING wrong with famous authors joining contests, but if its every single one contest and they leave all of ‘em uncompleted… yikes.

i agree with what others said too. :cowboy_hat_face::+1:t2:

i already know people are gonna post this on ig and say “what the fUCK IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE!!!” but yeah, you can’t change their closeted mind :skull:


smoll thing, by “finish your stories first!!” I do not say that its ok for people to harass authors or its a reason for them to not join. Its sad when they cant cooperate their episode stories with their job and school. So many beautiful ideas go to waste.


You made a good point though. If you look at past shelves, so many of them still only have the first three episodes - and since winners are showcased on a shelf, it means they’ve gotten an even bigger audience now who are waiting a year for episode 4 lol


yep, thats just ridiculous for me. if i won i would give all the attention to it unless my favorite theme came for the next contest. it also gives episode a bad look :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


It’s a contest for everyone and that’s just how contests work :woman_shrugging: The most popular authors compete against each other while the others just join for fun or to improve their writing if they’re getting any feedback. It also gives some small authors a bit more recognition since people are more likely to check out their story and support it if it’s a contest entry.

I don’t think anyone’s “stealing” anything :blush:


I like to think this too, I just wish Episode would give more chance to these small authors when selecting the winners. Looking at the previous contests, I was happy to see some progress on this, but I’m still far from being satisfied :smile:


Definitely :grin: I think Episode should maybe start creating contests for creators with under 10k reads or something like that. Put some limits for small authors to get their moment of glory and rise from the ashes, you know? That doesn’t mean that they should stop creating contests for everyone, but I wouldn’t mind seeing a shelf dedicated to smaller authors and gems that are actually hidden.


There was actually a feature request for this, which turned into some drama in a very short time, so we’d better not talk about this :smile:


Oh, whoops :speak_no_evil: Well, we shall remain secretive about it then. I suggest we sneak into Episode’s HQ and make that feature request a reality on our own, away from the drama. No one will see it coming. My code name’s Mexican Rooster and the operation starts at dawn, you and anyone else who supports this are welcome to join.


YES! And now that everyone saw your fake code name, PM me the real one :smiley:


Huh, it seems I underestimated you. You saw right through my fake code name and passed the test. I’ll PM you right away and we shall get this operation on the road before anyone has time to say “off-topic”.

Haha, to not get flagged though, I’ll say this: It’s unfortunate to see the amount of contest winners who don’t ever continue their stories. I’ve been waiting for someone to continue their story which was featured in the Fantastical contest winners’ shelf but I’m wondering if they’re still alive at this point.


I’m still waiting for some of the Star Power ones :flushed:


Oh wow… Everyone, listen! -taps spoon on champagne glass- I want to propose a toast to @amberose for not giving up on those stories yet :smile::clinking_glasses: What an example of patience, I can’t believe it.


:clinking_glasses: (they just sit at the bottom of my favourites list. I continue to wait)

That’s why I kind of liked the thriller contest in that it had to be completed. And the Episode Knitters also did a contest where the requirement was that it had to be completed.


Maybe there should be a contest where only small authors (less than 100k or so reads) can enter. I’d actually really enjoy that.


Ooh! I didn’t know they added that condition, that’s great. Will contest entries for the new contest also have to be completed? I hope it stays that way for all future contests.


There’s been a lot of discussion and requests about this in the past… See below if you’re interested…

But it would be incredibly hard to implement and keep everyone happy at the same time. Too difficult to define what is a big author and what is a small author. If you read the thread, you’ll see everyone’s points on it