Why do Clothes have Genders Too Them?

What about wigs why can’t they make wigs and other hairstyles for everyone for boys too we can only wear some hairstyles I feel like we as boys should be able too wear what hairstyle or wig we wanna wear nobody should be judged at all and jewelry we should be able too wear any jewelry that should be for all genders

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What can I say !
Those people are idiots.


They should have made Clothes and wigs and hairstyles and jewelry for everyone nail polish Should have been for all genders it’s literally just nail polish i still don’t understand




Us as boys we should be able too use aesthetic wallpapers that shouldn’t just be for girl’s it should be for everyone all Genders aesthetic shouldn’t have a gender too it it’s literally just a Wallpaper we should be able too use what Wallpapers we wanna use

Like phone cases we should be able too use what every phone cases we wanna use and Bedrooms Decorations That Should be for everyone us as boys we should be able too decorate our rooms who wants a plain room our rooms shouldn’t have too be plain decorations should be for boys too for everyone like Sparkles Glitter Slime Anything U can think of nothing Should have a gender too them